Monday, August 21, 2017

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

I'm back in the studio this week after a much needed break and getaway.
It was a wonderful few days away junkin in East, Texas!

I did find some great treasures and can't wait to repurpose them
bringing some new treasures to the shop.

Like most of you,
I'm ready for cooler weather and to begin fall decorating too!
It's always fun to transform my
Rose Garden Cottage into a fall haven!

Today I have a few pumpkins to share from my little pumpkin patch filling the shelves
in my shop, Rose Garden Market.

Many more styles and sizes are also available in pretty cotton fabrics as well.
I created a couple designed patterns for these pumpkins
but this one is fast and easy, so I thought I'd share it with you.

These little treasures are created from a variety of fabrics in velour, velvet, knit fabrics and sweaters
I've used real pumpkin stems and wood tree stems cut from short branches.

Here are the directions to create this little gem.

First I made two templates in cardboard from an 8 and 10 inch plate.

I like to use aquarium gravel for weight.
This can be found at any pet store. 
It's clean, dust free and small in size so it doesn't show through the fabrics.

Along with the gravel, I use poly-fill for the stuffing.

I like to use real pumpkin stems when I can 
along with wood tree stems cut from branches,
 cinnamon sticks, jute stems and wood dowels.
Even a vintage spoon can be centered for a stem.
The wood pieces below
 can be found at Hobby Lobby.
The real stems are sold on line from folks who farm and grow pumpkins.
I have found real stems on ebay and etsy.

Next I cut velour fabric or other materials in 8" and 10" rounds using the templates.

With a running stitch, sew  about a 1/4" of the way in along the edge of the fabric,.
I use coat thread or embroidery floss for a strong hold~
 when pulling together for stitching and closing.

After the running stitch is complete, I add the gravel in the bottom.
A few handfuls is enough to give the lightweight pumpkin some weight.

You just have to judge this step as you go along to how much of the gravel you will need!

On top of the gravel, I then add the poly-fill and pull the thread tight to close the opening
and stitch closed.
This step usually requires a back and forth stitch a few times to close for a tight
flat finish.

At this point the stem and trims are added.

For this one I added a wood branch stem and hot glued in place.

A brown sheer ribbon, with acorn button and little stem sign completes this pumpkin.

Here are a few more in brown using real pumpkin stems.

Another with knit fabric.

Blue velour~

Grey velour~

Sweater fabric~

Furry Fabric~

 and black velvet~

This pattern design is easy and quick
 and can be whatever size you like
 from the template  pattern you make using
a plate or other surface.

Hope you try it 
Have fun!!

See you next time.

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