Monday, October 10, 2011

Seeing Clearly for Tea Time Tuesday~

and served in a clear glass cup!
Welcome tea time friends. Today I will share in our tea time with clear dishes. I have always loved anything made from glass. Gorgeous glass, crystal and cut glass treasures just steal my heart!

Many years ago I found a pretty set for 12, in dinner plates with matching lunch plates and cups. I have always loved them especially during the holidays with decorative colors showing through the plates.

Today as I reflect on the season ahead and take a moment to relax, which is rare these days, I will share my setting using those pieces I have added to my collection.

The cup has a flower design all around and holding Autumn Spice Tea. Our treat is harvest sugar cookies with my favorite decorator's icing for cookies which I will share below.

The pretty vintage napkin in light ivory, is from a set that was my mother's so many years ago. I remember these napkins at holidays and Sunday dinners. They give much comfort placed in my lap as I enjoy Spice tea and write in my Autumn journal.

The pretty sugar and creamer are very special. When my best guy and I were married 38years ago last August, this set was a wedding gift from my hubby's first job associates. I love the set and hold these treasures dear all these many years later.

Shall we ring for more tea? These lovely glass bells are from my little collection started by my mother to me. Including them in a table setting just brings a bit of conversation and beauty to the table. And, the ring so clear~

Another special table accent for our tea are these beautiful Irish Crystal Candle sticks my dear best guy gave me for our 10th anniversary. They are beautiful holding tapers or left empty on their own and pretty as a decoration.

Our pumpkin candle holding a faux tea light is a vintage votive holder from Avon many years ago. I am sure many of you have this little treasure too. It is heavy and shines beautifully on the harvest table. The tea light is from Brookstone and they
are made to be recharged as they burn low. These lights twinkle so pretty and at night really look real with no danger of flame around pets, kids or forgetting. The pumpkin tea pot I shared in an earlier post and we are using it again today.

Tall and gorgeous is my table centerpiece made from clear glass and holds again another Autumn faux candle on a timer surrounded by a harvest candle ring. The candle has an amazing fresh scent and lights our tea table so pretty.

As I write in my journal with ideas and hopes for the season, I know I have lots to be thankful for and I wish for you a lovely tea time and may all your hopes and dreams be CLEAR!

Before you leave, I'd like to share my recipe for Spice tea and the cookie icing used on Sugar Cookies.

Spice Tea
2 cups sugar
2 cups orange tang
1 cup instant unsweetened tea
1 package Koolaide lemonade mix
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. cloves ~ optional ( I never add the cloves and like it better)

Mix all and store in an air tight container. Mix 3 teaspoons with hot water for one serving.
Perfect to make and fill in pretty containers for gifts during the holidays.

Decorators Cookie Icing
1 Cup Confectionery Sugar
1 1/2 tablespoon milk (I use skim milk)
1 Teaspoon vanilla
Add food coloring here for the color of your choice.

Mix all till completely blended and smooth. Keep covered till you are ready to spread on cookies. Do not refrigerate. Can also be piped from a decorators icing bag. Icing will be shiny till set at which time it will dry a matt finish on the cookie. Easy storage of cookies in tins will not smear once icing is dry. So yummy good.

For more lovely tea times to visit, please click HERE as I join our hostess Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage.
See you next time and till then, I will leave you with my yellow "New Day Roses" just picked from the garden today.

Have wonderful Fall Day! and Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog friends in Canada. Blessings Always!

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