Thursday, October 8, 2009


Welcome to Thrifty Thursday, junkin and journeys.
Today's junkin takes me on a journey around my house to share past thrifty finds and how I used them. I just love a great deal to makeover in something useful and inexpensive. That for me is the joy of the hunt.

This first bargin redesign I have shared before, but thought it worth showing again. I found the side frame of an old sewing machine that held drawers. Painted it black for my toile studio and hung on the wall for a little showcase and storage shelf.

So let's go back inside the house. As we walk through the garage from my studio to the house, I notice a saw I painted for my DH's garage. He has to have something decorative too, right?
I used to paint and sell these old saws many years ago. Since painting has changed in decor so much, this is not the direction I go at this time, but he loves it, so that is all that matters. Starting with a plain old vintage saw, primed, painted and ready to hang. This barn design is a Deb Toews creation, hand painted by me. The old saw was one dollar! score!

Wood Pedestal, for 2 dollars. Painted the top black added a Tuscan country arrangement I also made for pennies finding the pitcher for 50 cents. All it needed was a little touch up with glass paint. Done~~ a corner decorative touch!

While we are near my dining room, I will share a great little 2 dollar find from my dear friend Ann of Ann's Finds. You may remember me sharing items I have gotten from Ann over the years. She works in resale of vintage and new treasures. She has a keen eye and keeps that eye open for treasures perfect for my redo's and shoppe treasures.
This shelf is one of those great little finds. I painted it black, added the pegs to form stem glass holders for glasses and hung it high above another vintage and inexpensive fine for 15 dollars~~a barley twist sideboard. I love this piece and store my glass serving pieces in here. I added some decorative iron to the doors to pull the look together.
Everything in this display can, or may, at some point be painted cottage ivory for a whole new look with just the stroke of paint. The shelf looks like it has drawers, but that is actually a swing door that opens upward. I keep a few vintage and new salt and pepper shakers here.

Moving through my sitting room or living room. I call this a sitting room because no TV is in here. This little corner chair was also a great little find for 10 dollars. I love chairs and pick them up even if I don't need them. I can always sell a few. This one is redesigned black, distressed and then I covered the chair seat with fabric that is on the loveseat across the room. Added that fabric to the little iron foot stool as well. This makes a cozy corner.

Lots more to share, but I will save it for future Thirfty Thursdays. Tomorrow my neighborhood is having our annual Fall yard sale days. I am not participating this time, but plan to get out and shop around and see the neighbors. I hope the weather holds out. It has been really raining and gloomy the last few days. Cooler is good for the sale though, and I hope to find something special!!
See you tomorrow for Friday Fun and Fashion!
Have a special day and blessings be yours.
Celestina Marie

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