Monday, October 14, 2013

A Little Color With White

In my last post,
I shared a bit of white for Autumn.
Today I will share the colorful side of my Fall.
Starting at the front door,
I love to change my door urn with the seasons.
Most of you have seen this before as I have shared different designs
as the holidays change.
For Autumn I add Fall flowers and a Trick or Treat Greeting.

Inside, I like to decorate the door from that side too.

Chalk Board paint
painted on a ceramic pot and filled with flowers.


A gourd filled with Autumn flowers.

The teapot always near and ready.

Beaded coasters fill a leaf dish.
And one more thing.
Do you have a vintage silver tray?
The kind with the movable handle?
Well, it can be turned into a framed easel
by just turning the handle to make the tray stand up.

The picture in the center is not permanent
so it can be changed as needed.
Just roll some tape and stick in place.

Don't you love a good Fall??
See you next time.
Celestina Marie

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