Thursday, February 14, 2008


Love and Romance, Hearts, Roses, Cards, Jewelry and let's not forget Chocolates, all make their way around to dozens of deserving hearts nation wide. This is a special day, but more important then the gifts, is the feeling you receive from that someone special. My DH had to be gone today, but he made sure I started the day off with a singing message he left for me on the answering machine, followed by one dozen white roses with a red/pink one in the center. A heart box of candy and beautiful card. Oh so special!! (thank you so much honey, the roses are beautiful) He is my hopeless romantic and I just wanted to share with you my pretty roses today. I hope wherever you are, your day is special and filled with love, meaning and maybe some chocolate!!

This sweet heart is a vintage piece that belonged to my mother. As you can see the heart is surrounded with pearls and a pink gemstone in the center. I wore this today with pink! Thank you mom!!

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