Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Weekend Garden~

Hi Friends~

It's August in Texas and once again the temps are balancing around 100 or more degrees.

Today I am starting a little vacation and taking some time  to getaway.
Before I go, I'll walk around my garden making sure
all is doing okay and well watered.
The rest  will be left to the sprinkler system and mother nature.

The blooms so lush and gorgeous in Spring, are now a challenge to keep going.
But most blooms are still very pretty and ready to pose for a few pics.

My new trumpet vine is really doing well and making seeds. 
I was reading these seeds can be planted after turning black next year.
 Not sure about this, as this is my first vine.
Any advise would be helpful.

Here is my little sun tip. 
When it gets really hot and the sun is scorching, I move my umbrella around for shade.
The blooms really thank me.
The sound of water in this fountain bubblier is so peaceful.
We have lots of geckos too. This one feels right at home.
The birds have to enjoy a place of their own among the roses.

This green bush is called Texas Bush Rose and it has become giant.
Still no blooms, but I hope it will soon.

WOW it's hot
now it's time to cool off.

I've scheduled a few posts while gone.
Thank you for your visits and comments.
I'll catch up and see you all soon
when I return.

Have a great week my friends.
Celestina Marie

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