Monday, March 7, 2016

Just a Little Project

Hi Friends~
Hope you enjoyed a nice weekend.

I'm a bit behind struggling with migraines
and had to limit computer time,
so today I am resharing a past post that many may not have seen.

 This is a fun craft idea and project
 using cafe international coffee cans
 redesigned into cute gift or keepsake boxes.

I started repurposing these cafe boxes many years ago when they were metal.

Now they're made  of plastic
and  a bit more of a challenge to design and paint,
but can be done with a nice outcome.

Chalk paint works great now
 as there is no need for the normal primer used for the metal cans.

So after several coats of chalk paint in "Lace, my favorite color" by Deco Americana,
I painted and sealed these little gems
creating little gift or storage boxes with lids.

 To the lids, I used mod podge over coordinating fabric cut to fit.
Once dry, I trimmed the lid out with lace, pearls and a crocheted flower with pearl center.

I have to say  that I experimented with decorative papers on the lids with mod podge,
but once dry, they popped right off the bendable lid. 
Fabric works better and stays in place when dry.

For the lid on this one,
 I used a coordinating green toile fabric like the leaves I painted with the roses.

The inside is ready to hold keepsakes, 
art or sewing supplies, candy and more.

To another, I added lots of lace and trims with a felt petal flower on the lid.

The sky's the limit to how you can decorate these or paint.

It's amazing how different they are to work with in the plastic
compared to the metal cans from years ago, but still lots of fun.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be Blessed!
Celestina Marie

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