Monday, March 20, 2017

Vintage Banana Tea Bread!

Going back into my archives in celebration of 10 years of posts,
I want to share a banana bread recipe I have made for so many years I've lost count.
I'm calling it Vintage Banana Tea Bread simply because it goes back so long ago.

So here is the post below in the original share from about 2007


 Today I have a recipe to share.
 One that I have made for years.
 Tea Bread! 
It can be made with or without bananas.
 Perfect to use when you get down to the last couple over ripe bananas. 
Instead of throwing them away, 
why not make this delicious bread for breakfast, snacks or a tea break! 
It's not sweet, but rather a light snack bread without using yeast.

 I have so many great recipes to pass along. 
As I have shared  in past posts, my mother was a gourmet cook.
 She had an amazing talent to make anything taste delicious.
I don't even come close to her cooking abilities, 
but I inherited all her tried and true recipes
 and cookbooks when she passed away.

Little written captions to herself, sideline notes, and pages of wonderful directions for meals she shared with family, friends and many church dinners.

 Most of the time, she didn't follow a recipe. 
Another talent she had for just pulling it all together.
 Oh how, those dinners bring back memories of special times.

I hope to share many here in time and most will be easy and quick. 
So copy if you like, enjoy and share with your family and friends.
Let's get started.

Perfect any time of the year.
Wrapped or  boxed it makes the perfect hostess gift
 welcome to the neighborhood gift.
This bread freezes really well too.

Hope you enjoyed another look back at a past post.
Have a wonderful week!!

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