Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sharing Christmas With a Jolly Man!

For many years, I have loved the jolly round gentlemen full of cheer and giving. The one who works all year in his work shop to bring joy to boys and girls, young and old. For more info about the history of Santa Claus, click HERE for interesting details.

For me, I like to think of Santa and his helpers working to bring love and comfort to so many. Basically we are all Santa's at Christmastime. In many ways whatever we do for another with God's direction and faithfulness reflects a bit of how Santa has worked for so many years. Oh yes, it has changed through the years to a commercialized time starting earlier each year, but I still hold on to the way it was and remember~~~

As far back as I can remember my father and I would take a trip to visit Santa Claus just before the 25th of December. We would ride on a bob sled through a wintry tunnel as if we were at the north pole. This was constructed in a popular department store in our town called Murheads, which was a clothing department shoppe. It was a special time when wonder and wide eyed imagination drew us to the man dressed in red. I remember he looked so kind with his glasses and long beard. His voice raised loud as he gave out a big HO HO HO! I was fascinated to say the least. You can see from the pic how my dad played along and was so enjoying watching me with my eyes big like two saucers.

When my father passed away, I found this picture in his wallet. He carried it for 40 years. I never knew he carried it with him always. He was a very special man.

Through the years I have collected Santa's in an old world style, traditional, shabby, and yes, painted many a Santa Claus too. My collecting is basically complete as I have no room left for any more Roly Poly guys to sleep in the attic from Christmas to Christmas ~ year to year. Well, maybe a few more~~~~~I can make room!

For about one month every year, these guys wake from their slumber in the attic to visit and bring Christmas cheer and help us greet the new year. They are always ready to give thanks as we remember the reason for the season.

Starting with a couple painted guys, they all wish you a very Merry Christmas~~

Merry Christmas!

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