Friday, June 27, 2014

Got Coffee Cans?

Create Decorative Storage.

This is a quick storage idea using coffee cans
covered with decorative papers.
I copied my sheet of decorative paper onto card stock for a heavier weight.
Next, I measured the size and used adhesive roller tape on
the back of the papers before adhering to the can.

By the way, this can was a straight design without the indention you find on tin cans. 

They had snap on plastic lids in a neutral color.
To those I hot glued large fabric flowers with center glittered buttons.

That's it, fill it up with craft supplies, sewing items, buttons
and the list goes on.

We can all use extra storage containers.
And  basically free, with the cans I would have thrown away.

Got any coffee cans hanging around.
Wrap with pretty paper, top the lid and fill it up!!

See you next time.
~Have a Happy Summer Day~

Celestina Marie

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