Sunday, January 4, 2015

Welcome a New Year and New Beginnings!

This time of year always has me ready for a fresh start. With the temps cold and wintry, I love to begin changing things around inside the house and I've been reading in your blog posts you are doing the same. The Christmas decor is put away and it is the perfect time to rearrange the rooms and rethink our spaces.

I am loving a less is more style with a clean minimal look.  
LJ brought me roses on my mother's birthday the 3rd of Jan. 
She would have been 89 years old. I miss her terribly and she would have loved these roses too.  
They add a bit of color to the room and the gloomy grey days we are having here in Texas. 
The color is so pretty in a coral red with tips a darker shade of the red.

These winter roses brighten a new wall display (more about this later) 
of vintage plates in brown and black.

To start my redesign, I found a book case to add to my sitting room. 
I normally use what I can find by shopping the house, but in this case, I have needed to find a piece like this for a long time.  
It was a great find on sale 30 percent off at Hobby Lobby plus I found a small scratch on it and so the manager reduced the price even more. SCORE!! 
I never pay full price for anything if I can do better and this was my find of the new year.
 It gave the room an anchor and the black finish ties in for a nice flow to the dining room and kitchen which also has black pieces.

Two deep drawers at the bottom can hold plenty of storage and the shelves are all adjustable.
I plan to change the drawer knobs when I find something unique in my junkin travels.
The black finish is distressed with a soft bit of reddish brown showing through. 
So with the new start to the year, I feel blessed this new season and look forward to 
a year of inspiration found on my travels junkin and thriftin.

I've placed my decorating books to inspire close by ~ and
I look forward to shopping  flea markets~

and celebrating the miracle of each day!

I have no resolutions made to bring pressure,
 just thoughts and new goals to try and accomplish as the year goes along.
2014 was a challenging year although laced with many blessings to be so thankful for.
The year ended with a good selling season and now filling the shelves in my etsy shoppe is on the agenda for winter and spring. The joy of creating will continue! 
GOD is so GOOD!!
There will be blog posts to write, ideas to share and life to live to the fullest with my family and friends.
Yes~ Lord Willing, a new year and new beginnings for 2015!

Hope to see you along the way, and till then, make it a great first week of the month.

Oh and Downton Abbey Premiers tonight in it's new season ~~~ are you ready???

Blessings Be Yours!
Celestina Marie

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