Monday, October 1, 2012

Introducing Rose Maison Home

Welcome October Blog Friends. Today is the first day of October and I hope your season is off to a great start. My studio is a buzzing with lots of fun and I want to introduce you to my newest hand painted collection called, "Rose Maison Home". It will be apart of my shop on etsy with a section to define those treasures. Using a wonderful technique, I have designed new hand painted treasures with cottage charm incorporating graphics from my collection and thegraphicsfairy. The following pics are just a few of the hand painted treasures to be filling the shelves HERE.
Also all this week Market Monday is going on over at Etsy Cottage Style Blog. When you visit you will see all the many wonderful shoppes with their links to fabulous treasures. Thank you for stopping by and thank you also for the many prayers for my cousin who's grandson and wife were killed in a tragic accident on the highway in California last Wednesday. I know your thoughts and prayers will give the family much comfort. God Bless and Happy October. Celestina Marie

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