Monday, December 16, 2013

A Little Nip and Tuck

No not me!!
I had you goin huh? LOL~~
No, I'm talking about a chair
 I nipped and tucked a new slipcover for!
Remember my floral chair?
Well, I love it
just need a change of
Sorry for the blur in this pic.
Borrowed it from a previous post
and not sure what happened.
Anyway, I know I will want
this look again~~
So making a slipcover is the best way.
I found a plaid black and ivory slipcover
from SureFit.
I knew it would not fit exactly
so I knew I had to redesign it right on the chair.
Making sure to purchase a cover
slightly larger then the chair, 
that's where the nip and tuck comes in.
I placed the cover on the chair
making sure the fabric meets a little longer
on the floor.
This gives room to pull and pin in place.
Then I  started to pin to the shape of the chair.
It took some time,
but in the end
worked perfectly
can be pulled off
and the old look enjoyed again.
So here is what I did.
Around the arms and back,
I pull the fabric tight to the shape
and pin in place.

Any areas with folds should
match on both sides.
Then with heavy coat thread
I blind stitch
the tucks in place.
Later I iron right over those sewn areas.
No stitches go through to the original
fabric underneath.
This way, the cover can be removed
and used again and the form
is permanently altered.

When I ordered the cover it was on sale
and so was the pillow to match.
I never purchased from SureFit
so they also gave me another
10 percent off and free shipping.
I knew I would use the pillow for a
chair seat cushion for this little vintage chair.
I removed the pillow form
and fit the cover  with
an old seat cushion.
It worked great.
I am just loving plaid these days!!
and this works with my ever evolving

The darling little pillow was a
purchase from Kathy
The back of the pillow
is the same fabric that is on the back
of this chair below too.
Love it!!
The legs of this one
were a light tan
I painted and distressed them to the black.
Much better.

Thanks for stopping by
to see
my nip and tuck project.
I just found the 5' X 7' rug after searching for months.



Wishing you a special day.

Celestina Marie

Etsy Cottage Style
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