Monday, May 30, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday~Blue Willow Memories

Welcome to my first Tea Time Tuesday, hosted by Sandi from Rose Chintz Cottage. I have wanted to join in for tea on Tuesdays for so long, and while this is my first post, it marks 70 Tea Time Tuesdays for Sandi. Thank you Sandi for having room for one more. Visit Sandi for tea and the list of participants sharing teacups and special treasures relating to tea.

When I refer to Blue Willow Memories, I think of times having tea with my grandmother using the gorgeous Blue Willow cups and saucers that filled the hutch at Nana's house.
As a child, I was fascinated by the pretty design all in blue and white with the gorgeous love birds that graced every piece. When I got older and enjoyed tea with my grandmother, mother, aunts and cousins, these cups and saucers became even more dear.

Comprised of two different styles of Blue Willow dishes, grandma's set was very large. The older cups where marked Japan on the bottom and had a small design on the inside rim of the cup. The newer styles did not. Here I have pictured both designs with the vintage being my very favorite.

Having tea with these precious cups and saucers, we talked about our hopes and dreams, plans and accomplishments. Many times, tea in these cups, soothed our hearts through disappoint or a bad cold. It was at Nana's table, enjoying tea that I still recall the best times.

When my grandmother passed away, my mother inherited all the Blue Willow. With care and purpose, mother gave each piece a special home in her beautiful hutch and the tradition of having tea continued. Many happy times and sad ones too were accompanied with a cup of tea using the dear set so loved.

As the years rolled by and my mother passed away, the Blue Willow became mine. For many years I kept it packed away only to take out now and then, until I realized, I was missing the joy and memories by not using it more often. So I carefully found a place for each piece in my Tuscan kitchen today and use these gorgeous pieces everyday. Each time I pour a cup of tea in these precious cups, I know I keep the memories of times with my loved ones near to my heart. The tea just taste better too in a pretty vintage cup!

The teapot was a gift from my dear hubby for Christmas a few years ago. It makes the perfect addition to the entire set.

The Love Birds fly overhead each scene and a true vintage piece will show chubby birds while the newer styles are much thinner.

Recently I stitched a set of 4 napkins to go with my set and they go nicely with the china bird napkin holders that were given to me by a good friend many years ago.

For today's tea, I baked Cherry Dream Squares with a dollop of whipped cream. It is warm from the oven and is the perfect dessert for a cup of Earl Grey Tea.

As our TEA TIME comes to an end, I so enjoyed your company today and I want to Thank Sandi for hosting with the list of participants. I look forward to visiting others for tea and hopefully the blogger glitch of the last week will be resolved to leave comments.

Until we meet again, I'll place the vintage blue willow cup and saucer in a little basket for display and save keeping. It has a place of honor with wonderful memories starting with my grandmother so many years ago. So many family and friends held this cup and enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee over the years. If this cup could talk, I am sure it would have a million stories to share.

Thank you for coming to tea, have a wonderful week!
Smiles from Texas and Blessings Be Yours, Celestina Marie

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