Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Fences, A Return to the Grapevine~

Hi Friends
Welcome to this week's
The Run Around Ranch Report.

Well this is not the pretty sight pink roses were on my last post but~~~

Last week I shared with you a fence mixed with a grapevine
off the side of the road.

Not much to look at ~ and we all questioned if it was alive? 
Would it green up with leaves and vines?

So last weekend we took a drive back over to the fence and here it is 
filled with leaves and vines and growing beautiful.

Seeing it now, tells the rest of the story.
While grapevines can get as big as tree trunks, this one is clearly mixed with a tree.
Not sure what kind of tree.
Maybe an ash tree?
Any ideas?

The arbor is built on the inside part of the property and the vines are
growing nicely over the fence and onto the wood arbor. 

Now the question is, will it produce grapes?
I'll just have to check back throughout the summer.

The story continues.

Thanks for stopping by.
See you soon.


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