Thursday, February 26, 2015

White Pickets, A Good Fence!

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I suppose I'm on a white picket fence roll with my last few weeks of photos.

This one below is actually just a house down from the one I shared last week.

Looks like the front view with the charming white cottage next door
 which looks to be  getting a new privacy fence.
 Will they paint it white?  
I'll need to go back to see this spring.

The fence trails all around and the setting so endearing.
I could move right in.

What is it about a white picket fence that we love?
The charm, the peaceful easy going style?
Or is it just the look, the cozy feel and the dream of a home with a white picket fence.
Like an old time movie
 when a newly married couple dreamed of a home with a white picket fence.
Is it a symbol of

Many years ago, created by my hubby,
 we did live in a farmhouse in Indiana with a back garden that was fenced in white pickets all around.
It was so sweet to view from the house.
It looked just like this one below.

Do you have or had a picket fence?


Thank you for stopping by today.

I'll be taking a little road trip for a few days to celebrate another birthday.
They just keep coming each year whether we like it or not!! 

Hope to find more good fences in Texas to share and be inspired.

See you next week.

Be Blessed and have a nice weekend!

Celestina Marie


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