Monday, September 8, 2014

Will It Be An Early Autumn?

Hi Friends~
We are still having hot temps here but you can tell by the air, wind and flowers,
fall is on the way.

We need rain and hope that arrives soon too.

I like to make a transition into the new season with a few early touches,
 by changing out accents and even wall decor, which I will share in a later post.
 This season I am enjoying the soft hues of light creams, browns, rust and greens.
Door greetings sharing the season coming and going~
A little angel placed among my dishes is there is say hello everyday.

Wheat stalks fill an empty corner.

Dried roses from my garden fill a vase and instantly they fit in with Autumn.
Books are ready to curl up with like visiting with an old friend.

It's the little touches that make it special.

Adding a few simply pumpkins to my collections
just change the feel and look of a room.

Are you adding a few early Autumn touches?

The new season will be here soon whether were ready for it or not.
I am looking forward to it, are you?

Wishing you 
Southern DayDreams

Celestina Marie 

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