Monday, August 8, 2016

Tutorial for Burlap and Roses Wreath

Hey Friends~
It's the second week of August
What does that mean?
If I'm not in the pool, I'm creating.


Burlap roses have been on my "to create" list this week.
Along with white roses, designed from loose petals.
So the fun began with burlap ribbon.
Starting with a 12" round wreath,
I wrapped it with the burlap.

Next I created burlap roses for the wreath
using the same ribbon
folded in half
 then twisted and wrapped to form a rose.
You tube has many tutorials on these roses.

Once completed I moved on to designing white roses
from loose single petals.

These petals are folded and glued in half from the petal bottom up,
twisted tight for the center bud,
then layered around the center to form the rose.
I found the curly petals work best for this project.
These petals have a cotton feel which work better then the 
silky type of petals.
Where did I get these you might ask??
I think Hobby Lobby, Michael's or Jo-Anne's.

Once the flowers are all created,
it's time to add some leaves.

You have seen me paint leaves in other projects
and these will also be painted cottage white.


An easy tip when painting items like this~
Use a piece of cardboard and carpet tape.
Place the leaves or small item on the tape
to hold  it in place and then paint away.

When dry, turn over and paint the backside.
After all the elements are complete
the fun begins
 by placing them on the burlap wrapped wreath.

As you can see, I place the roses and leaves a bit off center.
I find that to be more pleasing to the eye.

I also added natural wood buttons here and there for interest.

To the buttons, I use a sharpie pen to mark where thread would be.
A few hat pins are also added with pearl tops.

Before I go~
below are a few more of my garden inspirations
hand painted for my etsy shop with lots of love.

These goodies including the wreath have found new homes
and I am blessed they might be enjoyed.


See you next week.
Blessings to all.

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