Saturday, February 6, 2016

And the trip continues~

Hi Friends
and welcome back to 
the rest of my Fixer Upper 
Waco, Texas Trip.

If you missed the first part Feb.4th,
you can catch up 
to see 
The Silos
and The Magnolia Market.

We had such a great time and as we continue today
with more from the shows location,
I first want to just drive on down the road
from the market to
share with you another awesome shop
The Findery~
It is not affiliated with Magnolia Market, but if you visit,
it is so worth the stop.

The staff was so nice and also allowed us to take photos.
I always ask like I did at the market.

This is the front of the vintage building but you use the door in the back to enter.
Plenty of street and side road parking as this is located on a corner.

So  many treasures to browse through.

At The Findery, 
you will find many home decor items 
along with antiques and furniture treasures.
I loved this shop too and had a wonderful visit.
They open in November 2015.

On the next stop we headed to
Harp Design Co.

You've seen this building and sign on the show.
This is the  workshop of Clint, the designer for 
many of the wood items used on the show.

The front building is the showroom and sales floor.
The workshop to the right is often seen on the show 
where the creations are planned and designed.

Here's the sales floor  and showroom with lots of wood creations used in home decor.
Letters, candlesticks, foot stools, ornaments and much more.

The staff was so nice and offered to take our photo.
We didn't meet Clint, I'm sure he was working on a project
and very busy in his workshop!

Do you recognize this sign from the show?
So much fun to visit here. 
 If you get to Waco, Texas
you  have to take some time to stop by.

Onward on our afternoon we headed next to
The Magnolia House

You may remember the Christmas episode
when The Fixer Upper duo shared this  remodel with their parents
for a Christmas stay and visit.
It was gorgeous inside and will open for stays with the public starting spring 2016.

We were told the bookings are already set and filled 5-6 months in advance.
We also got the price for the one night stay.
Let me say, it is a lot and I don't feel comfortable sharing that price tag here
just in case we were told wrong.
You'll all just have to wait and see when it formally opens.

In the beginning the house  was stated to be a B&B
 but that format
has changed to a whole house stay.

Here are the photos only of the outside of the house,
garage, back building they happen to be working on when we were there
and the gazebo.
No tours allowed inside at all~~Sorry!

Love the fence that surrounds the house and the entire property.

The view on the corner from across the street.
The workman were working on that light green back building.
Not sure what this will be, but a lot of work was going on there.

Lovely vintage style light posts in the yard.

The building to the left is the garage.

View from the side street.
The location is in a business district with more homes
waiting to be fixers!!

The gate had a chain and lock.
Understandable of course!
Don't you love the cornered porch and brick steps?

The house has  a back porch too.
Don't you love it?
The foundation is also red brick like the steps to the porch.

I saw a lady walk by the center top window.
Just a glimpse as she walked by.
Later we saw her leave the house carrying bedding.
She may have been there to clean etc.
No other cars were around or visitors at the time. 
We were all by ourselves taking photos.

Lastly, the gazebo in the back yard.
I love this spot 
 would love to add one to my backyard 
if I had the room.

Loved all the inspiration, even if it was just from the outside.


Next on the agenda, we headed to the shops
that Joanna has listed as her favorites.
This took us to 
The Cedar Chest  Antique Mall
 where filming for the show has taken place.

In fact, this season's Feb.2, 2016 episode was filmed in the shop.
Did you see the show earlier this week?

Easy to find right off the road.

Let's go inside and look around.

The aisles seemed to go on forever.

Each row of treasures better then the last.

It was easy to see why this is on Joanna's favorites list!

We turned  a corner and saw this sign displayed on the wall.

The staff was so nice and talked to us for the longest time.
They told us, Jo and Chip used to come in more often 
but now that they are so famous, they no longer can visit
without the show closing the mall to film and shop.

Thanks ladies for the fun time.
We so enjoyed our visit and shopping the incredible mall!!!

Just outside the mall an extension of the fun
continues in the outdoor market where we met
some wonderful folks who had special shops on site called
The Market.

It was getting late in the afternoon
 but still time to shop and talk to these great Texans.

These shops open up to share amazing antiques and collectibles.

This lovely lady talked to us and shared many stories of knowing The Gaines
and how thankful the market is that Joanna places them on her favorites list.

I so enjoyed my conversation with her and browsing the unique treasures she 
carried in her space.

This sweet couple also shared their wonderful treasures and great conversation.
They too knew the Gaines and we were delighted to visit with them.

I never met a stranger, as my hubby often says about me. 
We both talk to everyone
and enjoy meeting the many folks along our adventures.

This couple shared knowledge about the antiques they carried and the history 
of some of their vintage pieces.

Another special  couple was so much fun to talk with and visit.
They, along with all the others were so friendly and we enjoyed
viewing their many wonderful antiques and hand created treasures.
Loved their space and the decor they had to offer!

Thank you to all here at the market for the fun visit and shopping experience 
along with the great hospitality.
We enjoyed it so much and will surly visit again in the future!!

As our long weekend trip came to an end, 
we took a final drive out to visit a few more shops off the beaten path
through Crawford, Texas,
 McGregor, Texas where the Magnolia House is located
and also 
enjoyed all the views of the gorgeous country side along the way.

It was a fun long weekend that flew by too quickly.
As we  hit the road  for home, we were happy and inspired.

Now we're looking  forward to another adventure in Texas soon.
There is so much to see right here in The Lone Star State
and we love the journey.

Thanks for joining me on a trip to
The Magnolia Market 
The Silos
and more!

Heading home ~~ we see Dallas in the distance.

See you soon.
Have a great weekend.
Celestina Marie

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