Thursday, April 3, 2014

Home For a Couple of Cow Creamers

Happy April Everyone~
As I shared with you in my last trip post,
I found these darling little cow creamers.
This cuties were inspired by the collection
that Shelia from Note Songs shared in her post series
I gotta tell ya,
They just stole my heart these little sweeties.
So on my recent junkin trip,
I kept my eyes open and I was lucky enough to find these two.
The taller flower painted creamer
is so sweet and looks like the momma to the little brown creamer.
I've yet to give them names, any ideas??
So as you know from other posts,
I've been cleaning around the cottage and de-cluttering here and there
only to bring in something else.
Isn't that the way it goes?
But I really do not like a lot of clutter on my kitchen counters.
I do enjoy deliberate d├ęcor styled on the counter however, and decided to
make this one area tucked in the corner of my kitchen
a beverage center of sorts.
Yes, Nana Diana the coffee pot is ready if you come for a visit.
Take your pick of pots.
Coffee or tea?
Anyway the center is kind of bland and dark, lacking in something pretty to see.
But does the job of keeping clutter out of the way.
See what I mean?
Neat and tidy, but nothing interesting.
Love the electric teapot in the middle by the way.
Since I gave up coffee for Lent, it's been my best friend!
The wine bottle holder under counter is from Ikea.
So getting back to the topic.
Sweet momma and baby boy
found a new spot to strut their stuff.
I think here they were deciding just which way to stand.
Then they were down right arguing over how
they should pose for the pictures.
Momma told little baby boy, not to back talk.

After they settled down, they turned to see if the tea was ready.
I think I heard momma say,
we've got cream~~

So I gave momma some rose buds to wear and thanked her
for finding me on the junkin trip
and letting me bring her home along with
baby boy.
She really did find me you know~~~

I think they are happy with their new spot to live
in my kitchen.
Kind of dressed it up a bit in that corner
don't you think?

Maybe I'll find a papa creamer to join these two
and then we'll have us a little Texas family.
Thanks for stopping by.
See you soon.
Till then,
Wishing you Southern DayDreams
XO Celestina Marie


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