Friday, July 27, 2012

Return Visit to Painting Plastics!!

Greetings Blog Friends,
Recently I had some questions asking about painting on plastic and other surfaces, so I am revisiting a previous post about that type of creating.

I want to add that the Glass and Tile Medium used here from FolkArt/Plaid also works great on glass and metal too and of course on the glass for what it was designed to do. However actually I discovered this for metal when the company discontinued their metal primer. So I tried the G&T on the metal too and it works perfectly to ready your metals for painting, like vintage silverplate trays and other objects. Just remember to let dry completely and best to dry overnight before painting a background or decoration. Have Fun!!

Can it be? Oh yes! Once again Glass and Tile Medium can have you decorating with paint on plastic. See how this plain, but pretty plastic white clock gets transformed into a pretty accessory.
I gave the entire surface a coat of the medium, let dry overnight, then painted the roses and finished with a final coat of satin waterbased varnish to protect the surface from scratches. And, you don't have to paint roses to decorate something like this either. Perhaps fun dots, hearts, linework or dot flowers. Whatever you can design, even stickers over the painted basecoat, then seal with a waterbased varnish to finish. Also, if using stickers, I would varnish first then apply your stickers over the varnished surface.

Notice my swiss dots around the face of the clock? It gives a little lacy style. Again, seal your work with a waterbased varnish in satin finish or gloss to complete. This step, I feel is important for the life of your design surface making it easy to wipe clean and keeps from any scratches.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy a wonderful summer Friday and great weekend.
Happy Creating, Celestina Marie

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