Sunday, January 25, 2009


Do you remember in my last post I referred to the 88 steps? Well, as silly and corny as it may be, when you enter the front door to my home, it is 88 steps to this new redesigned guest room. The last bedroom of the house, on the second floor. A room with a view, a reflection of my on line shoppes, an extension of my studio and a rose retreat for dreaming and moments of the heart. I know, 88 steps, kind of silly huh?

This was a really fun room to design like no other in my home. But, it works because of the location, set apart and far off from the rest of the rooms. One pretty spot to relax, read, plan and even paint on occasion, all while being a useful room for visitors.

Decorated with vintage treasures from my childhood home, gifts and found pretties all coming together to complete the final style. The furniture was all painted in a raw cotton against a background of light pale ballerina pink for the walls. White lace treats the windows in a pattern that reflects old world.

Thank you for stopping by to view my pink dreams. WELCOME!!
Down the long hall we walk, rounding out the last steps to the door with the wreath.

Color palette for this room.

The final details and treasures from family and friends. The 3 tier cake plate is from my sweet painting friend, Lorri. The cupcakes on the tiers are made by Jenn of Jennifer's Petal Palace. The plate topper rose box is made by Connie of Living Beautifully. The white porcelain rose in the header was a gift from Lorri too. The cupcake canvas painted by Amy from Bunny Rose Cottage. The cross stitch pillow in the tea cup, made by Stephanie from Angelic Accents.

Little pink rocker from my childhood. The aqua hanging nest on shelf, handmade by Shirl of Shirl's Cottage.

Hand painted roses on the ceiling fan. Hankie box. Vintage cup with a hankie napkin. These hankerchief's were my Father's. Heart box made by Bertie of Aunt May's Cottage. Bed quilt details.

Art work around the room.

The above angel was a sweet gift from my friend Lorri. The tea cup is from Vickie from Visuals by Vickie. The pillow is from Shabby Cats and Roses on ebay.

Thank you for stopping by and staying for this long post. There are just too many treasures to share so I will save them for another post, or maybe I should join Pink Saturday. So glad to have recovered from my yearly big decorating bug. Now it is on to new fun in the studio and lots on the drawing board there. Till next time, Blessings Always~~ Celestina Marie

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Monday, January 19, 2009


For those that stopped by on the 18th, when this post first published, I thank you, but you probably noticed the page was distorted and off the background with no side bar. I think blogspot was glitching, so I had to delete everything and start over today. Oh~~ that is so aggravating, but had to be done. I am sorry that I could not publish the comments last night. So I tried again to post and thanks so much if you are stopping back by. The writing, I was lucky enough to copy from the draft. Now to replace the pictures. The following is my original post. Let's try this again. LOL!

I know, I have been MIA for a few weeks working on 2 rooms and a bathroom for redesign. Finally, I can share what I have been doing. It seems each year after Christmas, I catch the bug to redo some area of my home before I start back to painting in the studio. So usually the first few weeks in January I take the time to do just that. It also seems, I can never really get done. LOL!!

As a Decorative Painter/Designer, I always have something I want to change or refresh. This year I changed 2 guest rooms and a bathroom. You may remember a blue room with coordinating bathroom from past pictures, well, this is one room that I changed to reflect a vintage villa style retreat and the bathroom that goes with this room. This room is located on the first floor of our two story home and right off the entry. Making this change keeps the rooms flowing throughout the first level with color and style.
I also did another bedroom on the second floor in a pink rose shabby cottage tea room and I know that one will probably be more interesting to most, so I saved it for later this week. I hope you will stop back to view that room especially if you love pink and pink roses and all things old, vintage and collectible.

So before that post, I will share the following pictures of the Vintage Villa Chic Bedroom and Bath.

The wall color was transformed from a coastal blue to a Mediterranean Caramel painted by my DH, with rustic roses, shades of sage, terra cotta, warm ivory, aged copper, and an anchor of black in the fabrics and accents around the room.
The sconces on the wall above the bed where white in their old life. They light up with a soft glow and dim from a light switch on the wall, that DH installed. I painted the sconces an aged copper to look old and I used that same paint on the headboard which was a great find for $19.99 at the thrift shop in my area. This headboard was white and brass in it's original form. The furniture is hand painted a warm ivory and I added aged copper drawer pulls. The spread is a vintage style chenille in a soft warm rusty tone with lots of details all monochromatic. It is so yummy. I had this for years.

The window is a double large floor to ceiling style and requires 95" long for the panels. There is a narrow wall between the two windows which I covered over to give a feeling of one window.

Lastly I painted and decorated the closets making them stocked and ready for our guests.
By the door, I painted a rock from my garden for a door stop. Inside the long closet is a guest greeting on the wall painted by Gail Brown and written by Ken Brown.

Now on to the bathroom, which is part of this guest room. I also used the same wall color in here and brought the accents to reflect an aged style. All the hardware and accessories were white which I also used the same paint in aged copper. They look like old metal now and saved a ton of money in replacements. The sink faucet was installed by DH in an old world antique finish. He also installed the decorative molding near the ceiling in white to coordinate with the finish on the sink and cupboards. The door and drawer pulls are the same aged copper like the furniture in the bedroom. I used a shower curtain to soften the shower doors, that had to stay. Not fond of those, so the curtain did the trick to conceal and soften the hard edges of the doors. I raised the cutain rod for the window to give height to the room and bring in lots of light. Just as the bedroom furniture, the mirror cabinet over the sink and toliet area are old pieces that I had for years.

These re-decorated rooms were so much fun. I am so happy to be finished with everything and get on to new projects in the studio. I hope you can visit again when I share the shabby rose room. I hope it will be worth your time to view, as this one was the most work and took the longest to complete. I have so missed visiting everyone and please forgive my absence the last few weeks. I look forward to getting around blogland this week and seeing what everyone has been up to as well. As always, thank you for stopping by and see you again soon with 88 steps to shabby cottage rose tea and retreat. Till then blessings and blue skies be yours. Celestina Marie

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