Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dress Pattern Wreath

Creating a vintage dress pattern wreath is fun and
First, look for patterns that have large sections,
like wedding dress skirts, long gowns etc.
Open the patterns up to cut approx. 8" squares with 5 layers.
This works best for fullness.
Next you will fan fold and make the old fashion tissue roses.

Simply fold length into a fan.
Fold in half and tie with jute.
Cut the folded end and then begin to fluff out to form
the paper rose
For the wreath base I use a hardboard ring found at most art and craft shops
and cover it with burlap ribbon.
My ring is 13" round.

Now you're ready to hot glue the flowers all around ending at top.
At this point the wreath can be complete or
finish by adding a few accents with ribbon,
silk flowers etc.
Easy and fun making this a "while watching TV project."
Great to involve the kids making the flowers.
you can use other types of papers with tissue strength for folding
and fluffing.
I have even used white garbage bags many years ago
for the flowers and this worked great for outdoor wreaths
great on the door in all weather.
Another idea is to make small flowers by cutting smaller squares
and making small rings for decorative faux candle rings,
window wreaths and more.
Have fun with this old craft idea.
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This wreath is available in my shoppe HERE
See you soon!
~Happy Creating~
Celestina Marie

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