Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Small Mantel Decorating

Happy October!

Our library/family room has a small 
wood fireplace with a pretty mantel.
It makes the room so cozy to read or watch TV.

I have  painted this wood piece many times,
and  recently I gave it a tone on tone redo
and we are really enjoying it.

Above the mantel, I have a Tuscan Countryside painting and a header that fits perfectly to the size.

To the mantel top I added a garland with small tiny lights running through it
all across the entire length.

I love to decorate with vintage books for lifts and interest. They add so much charm.
Here I have two books from my mother's school days.

One of my favorites is a little wood box filled with nuts and acorns and small natural elements.

To one end, (I like things off center)
is a tall vase my son gave me filled with soft berries.
I also like to group treasures in odd numbers
for a pleasing look.

In front of the vase, but hard to see in this pic,
is a pair of black marble candlesticks,
a special gift from a dear friend.
One stands and the other is placed on it's side. 
Treasures don't always have to be standing to be interesting.

The tiny lights give such a soft nighttime glow.

Perfect to curl up and watch a good movie.

Do you enjoy to decorate a mantel or shelf?
Perhaps a sideboard or buffet?
The same design ideas can be used for all.
This mantel is approx. chest level and so easy to get a cozy display.
Higher mantels can be more formal but still fun to style.

For this design, I have used just what I have and the only fall decoration was the garland
and small fillers for the box.

In the firebox I have faux Luminerie candles on timers.
They look real and add so much to the room without adding the heat.
No warm fires here yet, it's still too hot!!

Well, now I think I'll grab a cup of tea and snuggle up with a good read!!

I'll share my living room mantel soon.

See you next time.
Have a great fall day.

Celestina Marie

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