Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decking and Decorating the Halls with Joy!

After Thanksgiving my Best Guy and I began our decorating for Christmas. What fun we always have with the process. We put away all the Fall decor and after many trips back and forth to the attic with the Christmas tree and holiday decorations, our home is all aglow in Christmas romance. Inside and out says we are ready to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.

Taking center stage is our new 7 1/2' Colorado Spruce Tree. This year a new faux tree was in order since our past tree had seen it's days. Before Halloween we found our new tree and we were so excited to put her up and decorate the boughs. Dressed in sage, copper, red cottage roses, snowflakes and vintage ornaments it is a beautiful sight in the dining room window. You can see it in the distance with the first pic. I'll share a closer pic soon when the light is better.

I have many pics to share and will do so a little at a time building up to Christmas. This season finds our cottage spruced up in a vintage traditional style. I must say it is warm, cozy and very Christmas especially in the evening with the warm glow of the lights. Not overdone, but a less is more approach this year. Just too busy for more, so our Christmas village is not part of the decorations this season. First time in 25 years I have not brought it all out, but with huge painting and home decorating plans after Christmas, I just needed to scale down just a bit. Really, just a bit.~~ My hubby would say not really, but for me it truly is less!! With the last of my custom orders to fill, I really look forward to enjoying the season with my huge studio work load complete.

What are the new plans for the first of the year you might ask? Well, starting with the dining room, I have plans for a new fresh wall color, repurpose the furniture and redecorate. More about that later, but for now, here are a few first pics to celebrate the season.

I'll be back with more and some ideas for decorating with what you already have by adding a touch of Christmas and a Holiday Giveaway.
Till then, enjoy the beginning of December, stay warm and Merry Christmas!

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