Monday, July 25, 2016

Backyard Beaching It~

Here in Texas~

we're in a heat wave like most of the country.

If you're outside at all,
being in the water, is the only way to stay cool.

Come join me for a day in  my backyard beach.

We can sit here and enjoy the sunshine and part shade under the tree.

Mr Sunshine will greet us with a pleasant smile.

We can look for shells here on Stoney Beach.

Mixed with the stones and glittery blue rocks, pretty shells we can collect.

Shells of different types and shapes are waiting for us to find.

We can place our cold drink on this birdbath table I created using
a round glass top over the top filled with shells.
My hubby added a small light inside the birdbath and it has a warm glow in the evening.

We can go for a swim in the blue water.
Charlie Tuna is there to float by and give us a smile.

The bubble fountain will soon be spilling over and the sound will be refreshing.

Near by Mr. Frog sits on the red bike and watches over the fun.

As the palm tree sways, we can enjoy the day.

Thank you for stopping by my backyard beach.
I hope you are enjoying the last days of July and staying cool.

See you next week!

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Refreshing Tomato Basil Summer Salad

There is nothing better then a fresh cool salad in the summer.

This one is easy and quick and so good.

I'm calling it tomato basil since I used fresh basil from my garden of herbs.

To start,
I gathered my ingredients.
Fresh, Roma tomatoes about 2 or more depending on how many you have for dinner.
One cucumber, again this can be adjusted to your need.
Fresh baby Bella mushrooms and one green pepper.
Fresh basil shredded with my kitchen scissors 
and last, mozzarella cheese, shredded or cut into squares if you have a block of cheese.
I use fresh cheese when I can.

Pine nuts is also a very good addition added to the mix.

The dressing is one of my favorites called Super Fruits Balsamic Vinaigrette by, Walden Farms.
It is perfect for anyone eating gluten free and has no calories, fat, sugar or preservatives.
It taste great too. 
You know these calorie free dressing are not worth it if they taste bad, but I can say, this one is great.

Add a few sprigs of fresh basil after chopping and adding the peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumbers.

Shredding with my kitchen scissors and toss through.

Once mixed, I place all in this pretty old Pyrex glass bowl.

At this point, you can mix the dressing throughout and toss
 or let each one add their own dressing.
Sprinkle the shredded cheese and enjoy!

So good when served with grilled Bratwurst or any main dish meat, pasta or rice.
It's a nice meal when the days are so hot you don't feel like eating much!!

I added a slice of gluten free bread baked from a mix by King Arthur brand.
It was easy, quick and very good toasted.

My little basil tip.
 When I pick fresh basil for cooking.
I cut a few stems and wash leaving the stems in place while in the fridge.
Shake off the moisture leaving a bit in place to store in a sandwich bag with a bit of the zip lock open for air flow. 
It lasts a few days and ready to use when needed.

Hope you might try this easy and quick summer salad.

Bon Appetit

~See you next time~

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Redesigned by the Fairy Blog Mother

Notice anything different here?

Yes, I have a new blog look 
designed by

Linda has a beautiful blog along with
being the Fairy Blog Mother 
where she designs blogs across the community of blogland
She can give you a new look,
tweak what you already have
add bits and pieces to customize.

Working with Linda was a lot of fun
and she really got my vision to fit my needs.
I've blogged for 10 years now and 
it was time for an update!

I know Linda has redesigned and given makeovers to many of you too.
She has the expertise and design knowledge
for the latest in blogging looks and  styles.
She can advise and style a blog into
something responsive and engaging for our readers.

Thank you for all you created for me Linda.
I love the new look and how my blog integrates into the areas I share on line!
From my shop on etsy, to google, pinterest, facebook, linkedin and more
my blog lets my readers visit any area right from this site.

 Visit Linda to read her blog sharing
tablescapes, decorating, recipes, crafting tutorials,
blog design and more.
You'll feel right at home!!

Thank you Linda~ The Fairy Blog Mother!!
Thank you for stopping by.
See you next time!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Life Chairs~

Hope you enjoyed a nice 4th of July.

It was hotter then hot here but relaxing just the same.


A few months ago, I decided to change up these two
wood chairs I had in my stash.
They were painted white in another life
and part of  a square table set that I sold some time ago.

These chairs are very sturdy and a great size,
but I just didn't have a spot for them inside any longer.

You know by now, I change things up a lot!!

So my talented hubby, attached them together to make a bench.
He then painted them in the gorgeous outdoor paint in the pool blue I used on the vintage metal chairs
shared in another post last week.

There are 7 door entries in this house and this area is a back entrance.
It's the perfect spot to have the repurposed bench by that backdoor entry.

Now I decided  I needed to make a cushion for the bench seat,
and I found some cheerful fabric with colors used throughout the yard
 which happened to be on sale at Hobby Lobby.

To begin, I used two seat cushions the exact size of the seats.
The best part is,
 I didn't have to cut these to fit like I would do if they were a roll of foam.

To keep  the seam from separating on the cushion,

I glued the two together to keep them in place.

Lastly to secure, I added a piece of white felt to hold all in place.
I simply wrapped the felt all around and glued in place.

So I measured the size and pinned the fabric to fit right sides together.

Sewed it up on my trusty machine!

Turned the fabric and placed the cushion inside.
Sewing the open edge with a blind stitch to complete.

 To the four corners I decided to create an easy  finish like this instead of rounding the edge and cutting.

I had enough fabric left to make a coordinating pillow
and added two vintage buttons to the center.

It's so comfy and a nice welcome seat at the back door.

Above the bench I kept this old window in place with a little bough of greens
tied with a piece of the fabric.
The wire basket has 3 pots of posies.
Another project marked off my list and the old chairs put to better use.
If I need extra seating on the patio, I can simply bring it around to that area.
Win, win all the way!

I love to find new uses for old treasures giving them a new life.
How about you?

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great start to JULY!!

See you next week.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Bringing Out the Red, White and Blue

Happy July!!
Where did June go?

We're about to celebrate 
Independence Day 2016
then the remainder of the summer seems to fly by.

I don't do a lot of patriotic decorating,
but I do like to highlight a few areas of my home 
using treasures from my stash of reds, whites and blues.

I always say,
"The welcome begins at the front door"

Most of you have seen my door urn,
 the one  I change with the seasons, 
well ~
 it gets a little patriotic pop
 by adding ribbon and stars.

Wood and fabric stars with buttons are added to the top.

Americana ribbon is added by creating a fluffy bow
to the base.

To my front red bench, I simply added a flag pillow 
a few little flags in the basket of boxwood and hydrangea.

Easy and not expensive.
By adding little flags here and there, you have instant 4th of July decorating.

Walking inside, I like to have a little seasonal greeting as well.
By placing a few flag stars in the large urn of greens,
it's fast quick and has holiday impact.
I might add, accents usually look better in odd numbers.

To the coat stand,
I simply fill a large metal tussie with a few summer flowers
 and a flag topped with my cowgirl hat.
It's Texas you know!!!

Another quick decorating accent
is to just add double  ribbons tied around a candle with a natural wood star held in place
with a sticky dot. 
The dot makes it easy to change out after the holiday without gluing to the ribbon or candle.
I placed the candle on a red transferware plate 
and it's ready to enjoy.
By the way,
this is a luminary candle on a timer.
Do you have these?
I've enjoyed these for years and have them all around the cottage.
It looks so real when flickering
and the timer setting is perfect.

To the right of the entrance is the dining room.

Here I simply pulled out my red and blue vintage dishes
for the table, hutch and inside cabinet display.

For the centerpiece, I  added red, white and blue ribbon tied to 
three little white birds placed on a red transfer plate for instant
Patriotic style all displayed on my metal cake plate.
To the base I add a wreath of evergreen.

To my basket weave plates by Waverly, 
I added  vintage Blue Willow bowls
and vintage red goblets.

The napkins are a set I hand stitched for my Blue Willow collection.
Sorry I didn't get a better pic of those, but you get the idea.

Inside the hutch I mix red, white and blue treasures.

Vintage platters, soup tureen and cups add to the theme.

And of course, white roosters love to stand here among the pretties.


To the hutch top, I arrange a few more vintage treasures with ribbon,
lace and America wood flag word plaque.

So you see I make it easy and quick using what I have on hand.
By just adding ribbons, candles and flags to the mix it works.
Through the kitchen and out to the patio, I do the same.
It's just enough without being too much!

Thanks for sharing and stopping by to view some red, white and blue.

Do you decorate for the 4th of July?

I'd love to hear how you accent your home.

Have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July.

See you soon.

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