Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Last weekend I had a wonderful Saturday visiting one of my favorite antique malls. I found some great items all on sale. I hit the jackpot with discounts from 10-75% off. All these great treasures will surly be so much fun to redesign and hand paint for my shop, La Rea Rose. I will share how they turned out as I get these great items finished. However, the sweet bird vase is for me and I am leaving it just like it is. Isn't it wonderful? The colors are very vivid. Perfect for a spring bouquet.

Now on to the doors. Gorgeous doors! I found these cottage doors in a old calendar and I thought they were so inspiring. Makes me wonder what is behind these welcome blocks of wood. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and well worn. How many people passed through the opening to be welcomed into a sweet cottage with the aroma of something good on the stove, soft music in the background and charming friends to visit. These doors look like they are from places far away, or out in the countryside somewhere. The photos were not marked with their locations, so I can only imagine. When I go for a walk I love to view the doors on the homes I pass. That's were it all begins. The sample of our decor inside, showing a bit of ourselves before you enter. A welcome that invites you in! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites pictured here. Which doors are your favorites? Next time you take a walk or go for a drive, (as a passenger of course) look for the gorgeous door! They all have their own personality, like the people that live there. See you next time!!
Blessings always, Celestina

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