Saturday, May 23, 2015

Herbs on the Potting Bench

Hi Friends,
Happy Weekend!

I love cooking with fresh herbs 
planting my own placed on the potting bench to gather when needed.

Here are a few this season.

Passing through this arch filled with the Trumpet vine~

We come to my Garden Potting Bench.

This is the one I've shared in the past, built by my son for me one Christmas.

Fresh basil always reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen.
The scent just takes me back to such a special time.

Rosemary so fragrant and makes chicken taste divine.

Lavender a must in my garden.

Parsley, perfect for many dishes and so pretty placed in a sprig with a meal.

So ready for a dish a fresh strawberries. See the buds?
I created these herb markers last year and should make one for strawberries.

Spearmint growing big.
 I love adding a leaf or two  to a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer day.

Now this plant is not on the bench, but it's called,
Scented Geranium.

It doesn't make a flower, but has the scent of citronella.
Having it near outdoor dining and the sitting area
helps with mosquitoes.

It was new to me plant this season and the garden guy told me
if you take a leaf and rub it lightly on your skin it will repeal mosquitoes.
I'll let you know how well it works.

It sure makes a beautiful bush in my Flower Market Bucket.

Have you seen this pretty Scented Geranium in your garden center?

Have a nice weekend and see you soon.

Celestina Marie

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