Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year, New Fresh Looks for Style at Home

Each year after the holidays,
I love to change up and freshen each room.
Once the Christmas decor is put away,
I can't help but do a furniture shuffle, 
or change out the accents and colors.

this doesn't have to cost a lot to do.
I simply move accents and furniture around from one room to another.

Many times, it works great and with  better results.
The treasures and furniture we love, don't have to stay where they first began
in decorating our home.

Last week
 I worked on moving a few chairs around.
Now usually this has to have some assistance from my strong family members,
especially when the chairs I was moving around, 
were on different levels of the house.
All was accomplished and I am a happy decorator!!
Thank you to hubby and son!

These two chairs below now have new rooms 
they look so much better in their new footprints.

I'll share more about these new rooms 
in another post.

Because today the  ideas I had~
 were to bring down the red decor from second floor guest room.
to the master bedroom.

I have always had a red room or two somewhere in our  homes
this year I thought I would enjoy the red in the master
and living room.

To begin I had some of this gorgeous vintage
Norfolk Fabric found on etsy.
I got it knowing several months ago I was going to make some changes.

I also had two tab top long curtain panels 
from the quest room given to me about 10 years ago
from a dear friend.

Knowing these would not work in the master as they were,
I went to work turning them into upcycled valances 
for the bedroom sitting area.

I measured, cut, pinned and fashioned enough for 5 window valances
and enough left over for table topper and pillow.
Still have the better part of the last panel for pillow shams
if I want.

Love the results and the fresh new look.

You may think that skirted tables are 
not in fashion any longer,
and you may be right~
but I also swapped out another wood table for this round accent table.
I say, if it works and looks good
with new or vintage fabric, then it's perfect
helps to pull the color and look into the room.

Next I found these gorgeous lumbar pillows from
Biltmore For Your Home
and they
work perfect in my two wicker chairs for the sitting area.

The red throw was one I crocheted over 
the summer to use at Christmas
and now it works great here.

Next from the swap out,
I added this red "Rush Seat" chair
with matching cushion for the master desk.

Moving around the room,
here are a few added accents I pulled from other rooms.

My hand painted roses in beautiful red on canvas.

Love this red Eiffel Tower.

More hand painted red roses on a vintage plate.

These vintage wall birds were my mother and dad's from
their first home in the 40's.

A little clock collection
set to special times of our lives.
Weddings, births, and so on.

Lastly here's a little pillow
sewn up from some of the fabric left.

Loving the new fresh look 
with the swap from room to room.
I kept the quilts but changed out the drapes
for that difficult window over the bed.
You know the one, 
if you've followed me for long.
It's always a trouble child to work with.
Love these lined sheers however.
Their light and airy and drape so nicely behind the head board.
Like I said,
I do have enough fabric to fashion up some pillow shams too.

Okay, project number one crossed off the list.
Love this time of year
get so motivated to change rooms up.

Next I'll share another bedroom and living area.

Do you do these types of change ups?
Isn't it fun and refreshing?
The best part,
it doesn't have to cost a fortune to get a new look.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day!


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