Sunday, February 22, 2009


As the sweet little blue bird gathers roses to adorn her nest, she dreams of her young yet to be born. Busily she fluffs and fills their home with just the right materials to provide comfort and security for her little family.

Home Sweet Home, filled with the beauty of nature and accented with roses trailing along the twigs and branches.

Hand painted on two small porcelain lace edge hearts and ready to hang in a sweet display.

Looking forward to spring has me painting new designs and happy to be in the studio each day. This design and more will be offered in my etsy boutique.
I know it is cold for many and still winter, but like the sweet little bird, we can dream of warmer days ahead and begin to adorn our nest.
See you again soon. Blessings and Blue Skies be yours, Celestina Marie

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ME~~Celestina Marie!!! My oh my, I am so excited to have won a blog makeover from the talented and kind Jan of Rose Haven. As you can see from the new header, Jan used elements from my shoppes and designs to form and create a wonderful blog header. I just love it and many thanks go out to Jan for having a wonderful giveaway and sharing so much with all of us in the communuty. Take a moment to visit Jan HERE While visiting, leave a comment to enter her next giveaway for a blog makeover.
Thank you so much Jan. I am so excited to have won and will enjoy the makeover very much.

Dreaming of the Beach~ Canvas painting framed in an old vintage frame!
Till next time, Blessings and Blue Skies, Celestina Marie

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Monday, February 16, 2009


After the holidays, along with other redos, I decided to add cobalt blue in different forms to my Tuscan style kithen. Blue willow dishes have been in my family forever and I brought them out for use and display. Opened cupboards by taking a few doors off to showcase. Taking doors away really open the space and actually make a room look larger. Here are the results of adding blue to shades of rust and sage with an anchor of black.

Here are a few items I have been working on.
"Tusan Poppy Field Neighbors" I painted this design on the oval wall tray a few years ago and now brought it to the large canvas.

Finished Jelly Jars coming to my Etsy Shoppe along with a request for black with pink roses.

Lastly I have brought back an old favorite hand painted on "International Cafe Coffe cans. I have designed with these for years. They are so fun and can be designed in so many ways. For this one, I painted the can and embellished the snap on lid with fabric and flowers adding trim. So many uses for these little sweeties, from using for gift giving to storage of creating supplies. Perfect for tea bags or sugar packets even displayed on the dressing table or vanity

Hope you have a great week and till next time Blessings be yours!
Celestina Marie

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Friday, February 13, 2009

FEBRUARY 14th 2009

Hope your day is special and filled with memorable moments to mark this Valentine's Day. So nice to have it fall on the weekend. Whatever you have planned, may it be the best ever.

To share my greetings, I present to you a bouquet of heart balloons.

Yummy box of chocolates!

My "faux" four layer pink cake! I just designed this for the shabby rose guestroom, It was fun!

Another bouquet of roses being arranged by a lady from days gone by. I am currently working on this fabric crewel design using thin yarn to embellish like painting with yarn. Loads of fun and so relaxing!

Thank you for stopping by and may your heart be filled with love and happiness!
Blessings Always~~Celestina Marie

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Even though I try to plan my studio days, wake up early to jump into creating and accomplish something hopefully worthwhile, I never really know where the day's journey will take me. I never feel like my days are dull and that makes it fun and exciting. I know those of you who enjoy creating and have the need to create, understand this very well. There never seems to be enough hours in the day.

The other day, I stood in my storeroom filled to the brim with treasures waiting to be painted, created, and redesigned, while suddenly I realized once again, reconfirming to myself, how much I love to do this work and the many blessings for what I have chosen to do, bring.

Here is only a small glimpse of my very full yet organized cluttered storeroom. You might choke if you saw it all. LOL!! I seem to know right where everything is. Those of you that really know me, know that I am very organized and my studio is, for the most part, very neat and tidy. But this room gets over loaded quickly. I clean it out all the time. Filled with woods and metals, dishes and furniture, vintage suitcases and rose petals for cakes, going into this room is like going shopping.
I don't think I have ever shown this room, which is located right outside the entrance to my main studio.

Dear hubby has lined the walls with shelves, racks, pegs and containers all filled with thrift store, garage sale, tag sale and antique market treasures. Little by little it all gets addressed and there is always something to work on. I guess I am trying to say, I am so thankful for all this junk which is a treasure to me. Sweet items loved over the years, making someone at sometime very happy and keepsakes longing for a new life. All simply items, just waiting for a new purpose.

Here are a few new creations on the drawing board. Jelly jars waiting for victorian graphics and hand painted roses.

Wooden eggs in ceramic egg crates waiting to be embellished.

New flameless candles ready to add to my shops.

My new hand painted cards.

An Easel full of canvas and copies of past designs.

New bake shoppe design, cupcake recipe box and holder with cards.

And, working on a big custom order of 120 gift bags for a special fund raiser in New Jersey. Ballet slippers with bling!

However I did find these sweet storage jars at Michael's last weekend. Not sure if they will stay in the studio for supplies or find a home in my shabby garden bathroom.

Well my brushes are calling and back to the studio I go. But before I do, I will share with you a pic of Miss Beazy who has the right idea. Find a sunny spot outside and take in some sun. She reminds me daily to take time, relax and enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by. Till next time, Blessings and Sunny Skies, Celestina Marie

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