Saturday, September 6, 2008


Welcome to the Enchanting Windows Party hosted by Cielo of The House in the Roses. Today you can visit wonderful windows from all over the country featured by so many of our friends in blogland.

The idea is to feature a favorite window in our homes or other places. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one, so I will share a few of my favorites. Remember to click on the link above to visit many more participants in the party. It will be fun and we may get some great ideas along the way. The above photo is a faux window I created with shutters at the top of a staircase.

Some of my favorite windows are positioned with comfy chairs to relax, read, work on a project or just have a cup of tea and gaze outside. The just sitting and gazing outside doesn't happen too often, but I can dream anyway.

This first window is the one I love to sit by in my studio while working, or on a break. The lamp is my newest design done on an old vintage lamp. The style and shape is very unique and I covered the shade with black and white toile fabric and trims. I left the bottom original in the basket weave pattern, but painted the bottom and top portion of the base, black. It makes a very cozy lamp and looks nice from the outside, looking into the window. This lamp was actually given to me to redesign by my friend Ann, from Ann's Finds. The idea was for me to give it back for her to put in her shoppe. Well, Ann, I love it here, so I guess I will be buying it now. We'll talk later okay! LOL!!

The next window I really enjoy, is in the master bedroom. This over looks the backyard and the perfect spot to read by the window and have a cup of tea.

For guests, I have a spot by the window with an old wicker chair and tea table set with a teapot ready to fill, sweet cup and saucer, and some books to enjoy.

This corner is really my favorite, and the spot I enjoy most every evening. It is the corner in the library where I am right now blogging. I can read here, work on a project, watch TV or take a nap. Ya right, a nap. That doesn't happen either, unless I am sick! LOL!
These roses look lovely against the backdrop of the sheer window treatments framed with vintage style rose drapes (Waverly) given to me by my friend Lorri. It makes this corner in a bedroom so inviting next to a red plaid comfy chair and vintage lamp.

Lamps are an addiction for me, and this window is perfect to center this shabby ivory floor lamp. It graces this big window draped with white eyelet floor length curtains. Next to this lamp is also a comfy chair and located in a bedroom.
Lastly, I will share these master bedroom windows that are topped with lattice, shaped to fit the curve of the windows. I hand painted rose bud garlands above the headboard window and all the smaller windows and door window in the sitting area. The lattice really gives a cottage feel to the room. Sorry for the glare in the window. It is really hard to picture this window.
Thank you for visiting my window party and please remember to click on the above link to The House in the Roses to view many more wonderful windows.

Until next time, I'll be painting and designing. Blessings and Blue Skies, Celestina

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