Thursday, April 30, 2015

Good Fences

Hi Friends

Welcome to another week 

Today my fence find was just down the road.

A red barn style shed with a gorgeous white picket fence.


Another style of white fence with a darling fixer upper home in the background.

I just love both settings.

Have a great day.
See you soon
as a reminder,
I am aware that my comments to you are still going to your dashboard
for publishing,
 instead of your inbox.

If you don't see me, please check there.

Celestina Marie


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Monday, April 27, 2015

Beautiful Blue Find

Hi Friends
On a recent junkin trip ,  I stopped in at
 Main Street Mercantile in my town.
Fairly new, I had not been yet and found it to be a wonderful spot with great 
gifts and antiques.

I really wasn't on the hunt for anything particulate 
but once inside this painting above the fireplace in the shop,
stopped me in my tracks.

A vintage canvas oil painting in shades of blue with a gorgeous vintage frame
and signed by the artist and the date 1972.
I really can't read the name of the artist and I could not find it online but I believe 
the year means 1972.

The painting measures
30" by 36"

I asked the owner about the piece since I did not see a price.
Figuring it would be very expensive I was blown away when
she said it was 30 dollars.
I couldn't say, I'll take it fast enough!!!
My goodness the frame alone is worth more then 30 dollars.

I looked it over very well and although it is 43 years old,
it is in perfect condition with the stretched canvas 
still holding taught and pulled beautifully on the backside.
No flaws in the painting and the colors still bright and vivid.
I'd say it was well cared for through the years.
The stretched frame on the back is old but very sturdy.

I knew it would be perfect in my living room on the mantel
with my spring and summer accent colors of blue.

Since  adding blue to my decor this spring, it is a beautiful addition to the mantel.

The fame is all wood  stained and antiqued gold with a bit of distress only adding to the charm.

The vintage books were my mother's from the 40's and the shades of blue look
perfect with the painting.
The sweet little blue bird is a gift from my friend Ginny in Michigan.
She also has a blog but is not posting at the moment.
Miss you Ginny!!
Love the bird!!

To the hearth I've added this gorgeous case in shades of antiqued blue green 
and accented with beautiful paper roses, butterflies and tag,
which also picks up the colors in the painting.
This was created and made by my talented friend Donna

She also accented the sides and inside below.

I love this piece Donna and it works wonderful with my new/old painting.

Also on the hearth I've added a wire basket filled with old 
architecture and metal pieces collected over the years.
The crocheted throw is another I created last year knowing I was going to add
this shade of blue again to my decor.

This metal ceiling tile with this saying just spoke to me.
My grandmother used to say this all the time.

I love adding rustic elements to a room.

Tall flower stems soften the rock of the fireplace.

Love the painting in the evening with the spotlight on it.

As the sun goes down, this room takes on a cozy evening glow.

So glad I stopped at Main Street Mercantile
and I look forward to dropping by again soon.

Sometime we find the best treasures when we least expect, don't you think?

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a wonderful Spring Day.

Celestina Marie

Thank You
 for the Sunday Showcase Fan Favorite 
for this post HERE

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Roses in Bloom

Hi Friends
Happy Weekend.

Just took a little walk around the garden and the roses are blooming and giving a beautiful show.
Thought I would share it with you.

Sweet pink tea roses.

Pinks with a solar angel.

Where Roses bloom.

White roses among the red.

Sweet Drift Roses in pink.

Bushes all a bloom.

On the waters edge.

Perfectly Pretty Tea Roses.

Mr. Lincoln, Long Stem Red Rose.

 I love how this shot came out with the trellis looking like a white cross in the background.

Thank you for walking with me among the roses.

Have a nice weekend.

See you soon.

Celestina Marie

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good Fences and Donkeys!


Hope you're having a good week.

The other day we were taking a ride down the lane
 and came across
a little group of small donkeys.

These little sweeties were standing in and near the corner of this fenced pasture.

The fence looks like it ends here, with no side, but it does continue on around the corner.

They stopped to look at me while taking their picture.

Then went right on enjoying the day and didn't seem to mind my visit.

Oh beautiful spring green, fences and Texas donkeys!


Thank you for stopping by.

See you next time.

Celestina Marie


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Monday, April 20, 2015

Take a Seat

On a guestroom bench!

I found this little bench at a yard sale.
It was being sold by a grandmother who said,
her grand daughter made it for her in shop class.

She was selling it????
Well, I don't have any grands yet, but this broke my heart
and it had to come home with me.

Oh course it was not painted like you see here at first.

You know I 'm famous for not taking before pics,
 but in it's beginning it was raw wood and ready to stain or paint.

That yard sale was some time ago and I have loved this piece in many ways and makeovers
ever since.
This is the latest painted for a little seat  placed at the end of the bed in our guestroom.

A little spot to sit, place a piece of luggage, put on your shoes and more.
I like that the little student made a hand lift in the seat for ease of moving.
And she added a shelf on the bottom where I placed this basket for little essentials 
I like to add when guests visit.

Perfect at the end of the bed painted in chalk paint of a light ivory on the bottom and light grey
for the seat top.

The colors pick up the quilt colors perfectly.

The stencil is a vintage style Hotel address in France.

In a room with shades of soft grey, blue, browns and ivory, it fits right in.

I want folks to feel at home sweet home, like this pillow says,
hand created by my mother so many years ago.

A few books to curl up with under a little throw I crocheted last year.

Little goodies tucked in small places.

An angel watching over guests in their stay.

A room to feel like a cottage stay, I hope!

Scented with flowers and dreams.

A perfect little seat in this small room
with a BIG  welcome!

Thanks to the little student taking shop class, 
I have this little seat to enjoy in our guestroom.

I want her to know, her work has not gone unloved.

Thank you for stopping by to visit.
Welcome to all new followers and long time friends too.

See you next time.
Celestina Marie


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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Beautiful Win

Hi Friends
Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend.

Friday I was blessed with a special box delivered to my door.

Recently I won a beautiful giveaway 

What a special box of treasures from Debbie
celebrating her 100th blog following,
 along with her 36 year marriage.

Congratulations Debbie!!

Here are some pics sharing my win.

Beauty right from the opening of the box.

A gorgeous card from Debbie with a sweet note.

Pink and pretty and wrapped so special.

Darling Flower Magnet.
I love this and have the perfect spot for it.

Lotions and hand wash that have a scent just heavenly.

A beautiful teacup from Grace's Teaware.
Just love this cup and sweet flower design.
Tea just tastes better in a pretty cup, don't you think?

Three Pink bags filled with goodies.

The middle bag has a wristlet clipped on which could be used as a  small evening bag.
So pretty.

Purse tissues and clear lip gloss.
Perfect for summer!

And the treats from Ghirardelli in Rasberry.
So yummy!!

For a home spa day, she filled one bag with 
spa scents and a darling spa cap.

Pretty design and perfect for long hair.

She also included this darling magnet note pad and pearl pen.

The quote on the paper says,

Faith plants the seed.
Love makes it grow!

Thank you Debbie for your generosity.

You sure spoiled me
I love every treasure in this gift.

Stop by and say hello to Debbie  and visit her lovely blog.
She is a beautiful christian lady inside and out.
Her wisdom in God's word is inspiring and a blessing.
She is an encouragement to all and you will enjoy your visit.

Her daughter is Stephanie from 
and you would be blessed to visit her as well.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my win.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Blessings Be Yours!

Celestina Marie

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