Friday, December 13, 2013

Repurposed Vintage Sconce

This is one of those great finds
that happens on occasion.
My DH and I were on a
treasure hunt
and found this outdoor vintage sconce
for just a few dollars.
The glass was in perfect beveled condition.
So with a little vision, we transformed
the one time gas light
an indoor
faux real flame style candle
with timer.
What we did to transform
this treasure,
was to take it all apart
then paint,
distress and
add the black and white paper to the back wall.
Before closing the top
we added a faux real flame style
candle on a timer
to the inside.

These are the candles I talked about in my last post.
They are a designers dream to use throughout the home.
They look so real and I have friends who have
thought I was nuts to have them close to curtains
or on book shelves
till they realized they are not real,
only look real.
Love how the old sconce turned out.
Not sure I will leave it here but
I hung it to show you
how it looks.
The candle will last about 3 months or more
on the auto timer
 before the batteries need changed.
Here are a few more I have around~
from inside the fireplace
to sidelights by the door.
I enjoy a set of these on each
side of the front door
year round.
 Yes they can be a little pricey,
but if you have priced real block tall candles like this
you will find they are expensive
and when burned down,
that's it
you may or may not replace them.
And you don't have to remember to
extinguish these.

You never know what great treasure
you will find
when out on a treasure hunt.
For this,
something old
meets something new age (faux flames)
See you next time.
Thanks for stopping by.
Celestina Marie


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