Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Rhythm of Creating

Hi Friends 

I'm doing some inspirational travel
on this 28th day of my birth month~~

 I will be back soon,
 but till then,
I had to stop in and say hello.

While I love to get out in the world 
viewing nature around me, 
I realize,
 I really don't have to go far
 for the inspiration to create.

Most of the time, it is right here at home.
 Here and there 
among the treasures I love,
 the books I read 
and the views right outside my window.
So I curl up in a comfy chair to read beautiful words
view gorgeous photos
and settle on thoughts and joys.
Nesting this time of year, 
gathering and reflecting on creations that will follow.
Music has always been inspiring to me. 
Listening to the rhythm 
of beautiful note combinations
 seem to show me the way and direction.
It's the harmony and the chords,
the melody 
the rhythm that speak to my heart.

So I take up my sketch book and draw some thoughts.
As one stroke leads to another, 
I put color to my world.
Putting love into the ideas.
Finding Inspiration 
doesn't really have to take me too far away. 

Where do you find inspiration?
 Far or close by?
Travel or home?
 Within your thoughts, music and heart?
~Wishing you joy~

See you when I return!
Celestina Marie

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

White Pickets, A Good Fence!

Welcome to 

I suppose I'm on a white picket fence roll with my last few weeks of photos.

This one below is actually just a house down from the one I shared last week.

Looks like the front view with the charming white cottage next door
 which looks to be  getting a new privacy fence.
 Will they paint it white?  
I'll need to go back to see this spring.

The fence trails all around and the setting so endearing.
I could move right in.

What is it about a white picket fence that we love?
The charm, the peaceful easy going style?
Or is it just the look, the cozy feel and the dream of a home with a white picket fence.
Like an old time movie
 when a newly married couple dreamed of a home with a white picket fence.
Is it a symbol of

Many years ago, created by my hubby,
 we did live in a farmhouse in Indiana with a back garden that was fenced in white pickets all around.
It was so sweet to view from the house.
It looked just like this one below.

Do you have or had a picket fence?


Thank you for stopping by today.

I'll be taking a little road trip for a few days to celebrate another birthday.
They just keep coming each year whether we like it or not!! 

Hope to find more good fences in Texas to share and be inspired.

See you next week.

Be Blessed and have a nice weekend!

Celestina Marie


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tray Creations~

With a little help from the Dollar Store,
 this wall art is quick,
 easy and so chic.
Starting with a light weight oval metal catering tray found at the Dollar Tree,
 I painted it, added distress, sheet music graphic, wood letters and embellishments,
 to create a french wall design and more.
First I drilled holes at the top for adding ribbon for hanging and then I gave the metal tray a coat of glass and tile medium for a primer,
 let dry and then painted the background black and sanded off a bit for a little aged distress.

You could also just paint the tray with chalk paint and I have done it this way too.

G&T medium can be found at any craft store in the paint section.

Added distress with medium sand paper.

To the background,
I added a sheet music graphic from The Graphics Fairy
 and glued in place with mod podge and trimmed with silver edging.

Next I painted and glittered wood letters to spell PARIS,
(you could do any wording big or small at this point)
  then glued in place and added lace hem tape to the top for hanging.

Letters also found at the craft store.

 Lastly accented with flower trims,
buttons, little jewels trims like the little French Poodle pin and silk flower pin and feather brooch.

Love this sweet little French poodle pin.

Painted wood letters in white and glittered generously!!

That's it, finished and ready to hang.
This idea can be created in many other ways and words that will fit on this
8 X 10 inch light weight metal tray from the Dollar Store.
Here is another style~
And of courseI had to paint a few roses too.
Hope this gave you some ideas.

Until next time.
Wishing you Southern DayDreams

Celestina Marie
Roses of Inspiration

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Looking Forward to Flower Power

Okay, call it a Flower Power Garden
a Walk in a Calm and Peaceful Place.
This is how I feel about my garden.

~Happy New Week~

I thought it would be fun to look back
on my garden as I prepare for spring.
A spot to be in when the day is hectic,
cluttered and long!
 Where the springtime blooms will
bring me to a peaceful ease.
I will walk once again in the garden
and enjoy the blooms
bright and beautiful.

A walk to clear the mind.

A place to pray and be thankful.

Thinking of days to come.

My favorite roses in all their beauty
 telling me spring has come once again.

A visit here will bring blessings,
joys and remembrance.

A garden that has given birth to many a sweet birdie.

Soon this hydrangea garden will be in full bloom.

Azaleas, bright for springtime.

Tiny white roses filling a garden arch have been home to many a birdies
and their sweet families.

Pretty vintage tea roses greet me as I round the bend
to view flowers that seem to say,
"come visit me, I have a gift for you"

 Thinking back, it seems like forever,
Looking forward it feels like tomorrow!
when I will say~

"My you are gorgeous this season~
Are you enjoying the warm temps?
oh too soon it will be very hot,
but I will do my best to protect you."


I know they are thankful for the care,
just as I am thankful for the
serene and beauty they share each day.

Moments among the blooms,
natures beauty to enjoy.

Thank you for joining me.

My flowers thank you for coming along
for a walk in the calm.

Wishing you

flower filled days 
looking forward to spring.

Smiles and Southern DayDreams

Celestina Marie

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