Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This That and The Other!

My studio is filled with a bit of everything in the process of a makeover.
Working to fill the shelves in my shop
catching up with unfinished items long overdo.

Today is a wonderful rainy day.
 I say wonderful
because these are the kinds of days when I love creating.

I am in a little of a "this and that mood"
So come along and join me.

Recently I won a wonderful giveaway book from Shirley at,
Love it and so anxious to try a few of the ideas from this
interesting book.

I'll be on the hunt for pallets that LJ and I can transform.
I'll show you what we come up with.
In the meantime, visit Shirley and say hello.
You will love visiting her wonderful blog and her talents for decorating.
Thank you Shirley, I am so enjoying this book and the many project ideas.


I seem to have met the hustle of the season head on.
Just finished a pretty new crocheted lace throw and it is currently on the shelf in my
The color of this one is a light Parisian Gray in my signature design with a shell edge.

Remember the chalk board design I created HERE
Well I found the chalk board pens at Micheal's.

I really only wanted a white pen but all they had were sets.
So I purchased these and so glad it came with two in white.
The cost was 11.99 for a set of 4.

I found them easy to use.
Open, tap the tip to load the chalk ink
and write.
This is what I created to experiment and learn below.

To clean, simply wipe off with a wet cloth.
I'll share this tip ~ It is best to use a soft cloth like an old t-shirt
or something lint free. 
Paper towels leave lint and streaks.
Done that, not good!!
These chalk pens also work on glass, ceramics and tin.
Great and dust free with water clean up.


Next, this sweet fellow came for a visit.
He was carrying a card with my name on it standing on my art table.
I gave him my glasses to read what it said.

I think I'll keep him~~ LOL
But wow he was so heavy when I helped him off the table.
Santa's gained some weight over the last year!!
The old glasses are a little over sized, but he still is cute with them.

I just love his plaid suit and neutral presents?


Another idea I wanted to share, are for these small cafe international tins.

Remember the cafe coffee's? 
In the past I have designed and painted so many of these I lost count.
Friends and family saved them for me and some coffee's I purchased too.
They were originally made of metal and the couple tins below are just a little
idea of those I created years ago.

These were the only two I could find in my stash of pics at the moment,
but the designs I created and sold were everything from roses to cherries to french graphics and more.

Now the cafe international folks redesigned their tins to plastic.
Recently I started to collect these  again to redesign
but was questioning how the plastic would take paint.
Well, chalk paint of any kind works without priming.
I am sure I will have to seal with a varnish when complete,
but with one less step to the process.

Here is one already painted with chalk paint right over the plastic and ready to decorate.

You know these are great to create with the kids.
You don't have to just use paint either.
Cover with pretty papers and trims for a special gift box too.


Yes, the studio has been a buzz and I won't even show you the pic of this space.
It looks like a Texas Storm has come through with high winds.

But hey, you have to make a mess to "Getter Done" right?

Lots of painting and decorating going on to bring,
compliments of the season!

I also took a trip in October
to this large barn filled with treasures just waiting for new homes.
Inside I found some great goodies for the shop.
This is what I decided to keep.

The gorgeous old harvest barn plate and the green toile cup and saucer.
Both pieces wanted to stay with me and my pumpkin teapot.

It's been a great few weeks of "this and that"
but I am taking the time to enjoy the beautiful season too.
Like this trip to  Roundtop, Texas in October.
Love the sweet church in the background.
This little village has some of the best shops.

In the end~~
My favorite time of the day after this and that is,
Watching a Texas Sunset!
Pure beauty!!

Well, that's all of my "this that and the other" for the moment.

Thanks for stopping by.
Your comments make my day.
Welcome to all new followers too.

Wishing you Southern DayDreams.

See you next time,
Celestina Marie

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