Monday, May 7, 2012

Paintin,Plastic, Pretty~~

Can it be? Oh yes! Once again Glass and Tile Medium can have you decorating with paint on plastic. See how this plain, but pretty plastic white clock gets transformed into a pretty accessory for my new studio.
I gave the entire surface a coat of the medium, let dry overnight, then painted the roses and finished with a final coat of satin waterbased varnish to protect the surface from scratches. And, you don't have to paint roses to decorate something like this either. Perhaps fun dots, hearts, linework of dot flowers or whatever you can design, then seal for a new look. Notice the dots around the face of the clock? It gives a little lacy style.
My new studio update continues as the new cabinets go in and my dear guy and son work together to install the set and son checks to make sure they are level.
Miss Beazy having fun with a visit from her little lizard friend who comes to see her each day on the window sill.
Time to get back to the fun~~ See you soon! Hugs, Celestina Marie

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