Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Trail of Glitter!

Welcome to another Thrifty Thursday, junkin and journeys. Let me take you on a little journey through glitter land. In my Studio that is. Full of goodies on their way to my shoppe. Every inch of table space is covered with creations.
See, I told you I'd show my messy studio at some point. You did not believe me, did you? Well, I own a vacuum and it gets a workout! LOL!!
Join me, in taking a peek into my busy world today.

Now let's sprinkle some fairy dust all over the Christmas ornaments. This little distressed treasure box is on it's way to my etsy shoppe Friday. It is made of wood, repurposed in pink with a little fairy painted on the lid and she is sprinkling fairy dust on the roses.

Oh and let's sprinkle Miss B with some fairy dust too as she takes a nap. Look at those long eye lashes! Her fur is sparkley. You can't see it in the pic, but glitter has found her too.

Did I ever show you the charms I have on her collar? She wears a little angel, dotted heart and a charm that says, peek a boo which is her favorite game to play.

And Miss Beazy drinks from a pink princess bowl. Yes, she is my girly girl!

Oh and look at the goodies that Miss Ann (my dear friend from Ann's Finds) gave to me Monday when we met for her Birthday lunch. It's was her special day and she brings me goodies. Well, I gave her lots of presents too. LOL She works in resale and finds the greatest stuff. And a few weeks ago, someone emailed me for a breadbox very shabby and chic. The spoon rack is very vintage and will be perfect for a little cottage scene that I am getting a vision for. The sewing drawer is always a welcome treasure. Can't wait to get these finished. Thank you Ann, I always love what you bring to me!

Okay, I have stalled long enough. Here is the rest of the goodies among the mountain of mess and glitter.

Okay, let's take a break now and have a cup of tea. And if you missed my post for the spice tea recipe, take a look below at that post for the holidays.

Thank you for joining me in the studio today for Thrifty Thursday. I hope you have a great day. With the season very busy, I will be listing new items Friday and this week skipping my normal Friday post, but I will see you here again on Monday for Marvels and Musings. Till then, have a happy and safe weekend.

Smiles, Celestina Marie

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