Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tenth Tea Cup, Mug Reveal ~ Spring 2017

Welcome to the tenth Tea Cup Mug Exchange!

I am so thrilled to be apart of this season of exchanges
hosted by our amazing and talented friend
This season may have been the largest number of participants yet.
Everyone has a wonderful time and enjoys making 2 new friends.
One you send to and the other you receive from.


This spring season I decided on sending and receiving a mug for the first time.

It was a wonderful exchange and I was  blessed to receive my mug
from Lisa Johnson who lives in the west.
Lisa doesn't have a blog but she is one of the nicest ladies ever
and I am so glad to have met her!!!

Here are a few photos of the gifts she sent along with my mug!!

Starting with the sweet card and boxed filled with goodies.

 Love this bike card with sweet note from Lisa inside!

This sweet pink roses box was filled with goodies!
I love it for storage and more!

 The mug Lisa sent me was a beauty from the Pioneer Woman collection.

I truly love it and how beautiful it goes with pieces from 
the collection I already own.
Look how this cup has beautiful watercolor painted flowers all around.
Not sure how she knew I would love this cup!!!

And to go with the cup, Lisa added this beautiful plate
with the same design.
LOVE it!!

She also so generously added this lace pattern plate from the PW collection too.

And if all this wasn't enough she included a beautiful 
storage keeper for food etc. also from the PW collection.
The design is the same as the mug!
It was also filled with goodies like this~~~

Oh my goodness the yummy goodness!!

These wonderful mug cake mixes are a special treat.
Lisa included these too  and I can't wait to try them.
Dessert in a mug.
How perfect!!

Swedish Thins were also included and wow are they delicious!!

Lisa added two of my very favorite teas too.
Earl Grey and Irish Breakfast!!
Oh my she has spoiled me!!!!!

And if all this was not enough, Lisa included a set of 4 napkins
in the mixed colors of PW and 2 beautiful dish towels.
Oh how I love them all.

Look at this sweet aqua tag with the butterfly.
Lisa tucked this among the goodies as well.

Lisa gifted me in an incredible way and I so love
everything she sent with the beautiful mug.
Thank you so much my new friend.
You have blessed my heart with your generosity and friendship!


My mug exchange gift was sent to Lynn
I enjoyed making up a package for dear Lynn
and I also sent her a Pioneer Woman mug.
From the colors she enjoys, I thought this was the perfect accent in her home.
Lisa and I were thinking along the same lines. 
Lynn's mug has the red interior while mine was dark aqua!!
Love them both!

Above is the package I sent to Lynn.
She is such a sweetheart, To visit Lynn and say hello, 
click, HERE! you'll be so glad you did!!

Once again it was a wonderful event all organized
with love and care by Stephanie.
I have to take a moment and thank her too!!
You know this isn't an easy task to pull together,
but Stephanie does an incredible job.
 Her efforts over the
past 10 exchanges 
have blessed so many with  friendship all around the world.
Thank you Stephanie for making this exchange a beautiful event once again!

Thank you to all of you too for taking the time to stop in. 
I always love your visits and for more participant reveals~
drop on by,  The Enchanting Rose

See you again soon sharing a new adventure in design

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