Monday, October 10, 2016

The Autumn Garden

Welcome friends!

With the temps still a bit warm,
my garden is blooming and giving a pretty show
for the last of the season.

This wreath greets us when we walk to the side yard
and potting bench.

Stunning Purslane is still blooming each day when the sun shines.

One more hydrangea bloom pretty in pink.

Mums blooming with fall color.

In the Meditation Garden,
sweet mums take a seat on the old chair.

Ivy has grown beautiful this summer
and my potting bench is
wrapped in green.

Pansies are just beginning to give a pretty show for fall.
I love these sweet blooms.
Think I'll paint a few~

Mr. Frog is still enjoying his spot on the red bike
and mums replace the summer blooms.

More mums among the ivy are filled with buds soon to open.

Summer flowers and begonias are
 not ready to end their time in the garden.

Lantana giving a seasonal blooming in shades of rust.

This bush is called Texas Bush Rose.
I've never seen a rose bloom per say, 
but it's huge vines produce a stalk like flower.

 this garden must have 
a garden house for the birds to enjoy.

Here we see a gorgeous fall bloom on the purple potato vine.
These are going strong and loaded with flowers similar to a trumpet vine or morning glory.

Not all purple vines bloom however!

Warm afternoons will find me enjoying
some time here for tea when I can catch a few moments
for a break.

I'm currently working on two bathroom makeovers.
The process is fun, but hectic at times.

It's a bit busy here at Rose Garden Cottage
but I'll be back to share more of my renos next week.
Blessings to ya'll

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