Tuesday, November 20, 2012

White Blessings Round the Table~ Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome, Happy Thanksgiving for Blissful Whites Wednesday

Each year, setting the table, I love to change up the dishes I use. This holiday I combine white vintage dishes with natural elements. Tablecloth of cottage off white and layered lace.
Layers of keepsake dishes, gathered from times past~
Lace napkins with grapevine wreaths at each setting fashioned with hand created paper leaves for each~ These words give us topics to reflect upon too.
Keepsakes to treasure~
Old and still gorgeous~
How many servings of gravy has this vintage boat carried?
Table birds sitting cozy and comfy by candle light~
Conversation of cherished memories~
Pass the vintage salt and pepper shakers, you know~ the ones mom always set on her holiday tables!
Standing guard over the pies with layers of frosted white glass plates.
Overhead, layers of shining white crystal will cast a dinner glow for giving Thanks.
Standing ready our turkey platter waiting to hold our blessed bounty.
Enjoying white pretties all around.
Vintage bowls stacked ready to serve and grandmas vintage relish forks always grace our holiday table.
Looking up we give thanks for our blessings.
For Family, Home, Health and Happiness~ For the days ahead, help us along the way, show us direction~
Thankful for all the little details in life that make the journey special, even through the tough times.
Wishing you all a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. And, thank you also for a wonderful year through blogging and beyond. Your friendship is special.
Love, Celestina Marie

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