Thursday, September 6, 2007


Taking a break with a cup of tea is always a pleasant relaxing way for me to recharge during a long painting and designing day. Recently, Katie from my Pretty Romantic Homes group, sent me a special mix of dried mint from her herb garden. The aroma is delicious! She is a fabulous gardener and grows a variety of herbs. Amy from Bunny Rose Cottage is also a tea lover and nearly every night we chat over tea. She also was sent this special treat. Today, tea is so good and I wanted to share the setting with you before it is all gone. The sweet hand painted card is also from Katie as she is a beautiful artist along with being a talented gardener. Thank you Katie for the thoughtful gift. I am really enjoying it! By the way, I am serving tea from an antique set that was my mothers dating back to 1945.

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I have been tagged by Karen from Second Hand Rose to play the new "tag your it game". To play, you take your middle name, and with each letter, you describe yourself. My middle name is Marie.

M~is for being Muscial and using my love of music in my life every day.
A~ is for my deep Appreciation for all God's blessings in my life.
R~ is for the Richness I feel having a wonderful family and special friends.
I~ is for the Inspiration I get from the beauty in nature.
E~ is for the Excitement in my life when being creative.

From here I tag Miss Rhea if you haven't been tagged already.

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