Friday, April 12, 2013

Working on the Makeover

Little by little, the changes to my laundry/sewing room are on going.
This week I created a few more additions
starting with another chair makeover to use at my sewing
First comes the paint
then the fabric.
For the seat I added the original chairs wood seat form
and used 2 matching pillow covers for the back and
I found these wonderful linen pillow covers,
half off at Hobby Lobby.
The centers were plain
so I added a french stencil design
to each using black acrylic paint.
The seat simply covers the padded base
and for the back,
I used a cushion form for a straight seat back.
The ruffle was already in place
which was another plus.
I don't think I have ever completed
a makeover so quickly.

I also wanted to add a chandelier in the room
and happened to have one with timer candles perfect for this space
right over my sewing counter.
I'll be adding a few more drop crystals and garland.
The touch adds a warm glow each evening
 and I love to see this as I pass by.
Also found a few french storage boxes
at Michael's.
And yes, half off again.
In fact, everything I found for this room so far
has been half off
or free.
So far the color is all coming together.
Neutrals, burlap shades, ivory and black.
You might think I am working the redo
Well, I am this time!!
Normally the cabinets and walls would be first.
Then the accents.
This time, I am using the accents first for inspiration
then I'll complete the room with the big job
and merely put the room back together when dry.
Sometimes backwards is okay, you know!!
Some wonderful fabric flowers in an old painted vases.
And, yes, these flowers were half off at Hobby.
Love the spring sales.
Lastly, I found a great Laundry sign for over the sink.
And yes you got it, half off again.
I'm a broken record.
The sink is another great addition, put in place by my Best Guy.
He can do anything and this sink is just one of his
many projects.
I love the cabinet with storage below.
It is the perfect addition to my laundry
and he painted it the soon to be cabinet color too.
That's all I have done in this room for now.
I hope to start the cabinet painting next week.
Till then,
what sales are you finding?
Half off anywhere?
Gotta love it!!
Thank you for stopping by.
See you soon.
Happy Creating!
Celestina Marie

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