Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spotlight Feature at Junk Chic Cottage

Hi Friends,
Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Today I have the honor of being in the Spotlight Feature at,
Life Behind the Blogger
at Kris's blog
Junk Chic Cottage.
I would love for you to visit there and share in my little feature.

Thank you Kris for inviting me to participate in the spotlight.
It has been fun 
and I have enjoyed visiting and meeting the many others that have been featured too.

Thank you friends for stopping by and visiting over at Kris's blog.
I know you will enjoy her blog
thanks in advance for leaving a comment.

Comments will be turned off  for this post so you can visit 

Have a great weekend.
Celestina Marie

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Just a Few "Gone Junkin" Finds!

Hi Friends
Hope your week is off to a great start.

Last week I found some great new treasures for my etsy shoppe and
perfect for a redesign.
I can hardly wait to get started

You know I love to find these old vintage lunch boxes.
Paint, trims and more will give these  "a new life"

What a treasure this leather and wood box is.
Lots of plans for this beauty.

This vintage bowl has lots of charming distress and I love the raised flower design.

Perfect for a fall shabby rag basket is this wire treasure with handle.
I was also thrilled to find this bag lot of wine corks.

This little shelf  with a plate tilt is going to be wonderful repainted with chalk paint.
Great details on the bottom.

Love this darling little butlers helper, or vintage server.
Whatever it was used for in the past, it has a "new life" coming soon.

This little wood box is a fun find and perfect to accent and change the paint color leaving the 
graphics in place. 
I think this one will be perfect to hold crochet hooks or sewing machine bobbins.

LOVE this rug and I am thinking of a chic painted graphic around the flowers for this beauty, which is perfect for fall. Great Autumn colors.

The best find of the week is this wonderful wood night stand.
Inside was marked "Made in Brazil"
I have plans for a complete redesign with chalk paint, distress
and accents
Maybe I'll take out the drawer and replace it with a basket drawer or leave it and change the knob.
Not sure, but I will share the "after" when I complete this wonderful find for a guestroom
night stand.

I better get to creating. 
These goodies (except the night stand) will find places on the shelves in my etsy shoppe soon.
Nothing like a few new treasures to motivate my creativity.

Have you found any junkin treasures lately?

If so, Happy Creating and Decorating!

Celestina Marie

p.s. as always thank you for your comments and a warm welcome to all new followers.
Enjoy the day!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation?

Remember those first weeks of a new school year growing up? 
Being asked to write an essay of what you did or where you vacationed during the summer?

It seemed each year we were asked this question.
Each year we wrote of the fun activities we enjoyed near home or afar.
???are we there yet???

I've come to realize over the years, that the best vacations
can be right in my own backyard.

Oh I love to travel far away no question, but there are times when staying near by
can bring the best memories.

This year we did just that.
We vacationed in Texas.
Right here at the GayLord Texan  Resort in Grapevine, Texas.

A beautiful 1500 room resort under a glass dome ceiling
with the blue skies and sunshine right over head in every area.

Blue skies over head and comfortable temperatures to enjoy lots of walking.

Some of the gardens and water features I shared in my last post
are throughout the inside grounds and all along a river walk that runs right through the hotel.
Outdoors without the blazing heat of Texas.

I love this sculpture of the girl planting flowers.

The only hotel in the world with an indoor vineyard.

Wonderful restaurants, boutiques, shops, spas, pools, living rooms, entertainment and more
under one roof forming a city all it's own.

Here is the view of the Riverwalk Cantina.

Our room was beautiful with a living room, bedroom, bath and small dining room
along with a balcony overlooking the indoor river walk.
 The day of our anniversary was celebrated at the indoor Italian Restaurant,
Zeppole Coastal Italian

The food was excellent and you can see in the upper right corner the grilled salmon and veggies
that I enjoyed. They even had gluten free breads and pastas. Perfect!!

We even met Hank the Texas Longhorn who greets people from all over the world.
~that's my hubby in the top left corner~

We truly relaxed and enjoyed  leaving the on line world behind  for a little while.
Sometimes we need to do that don't we?
Vacation un-pluged!!
A time to free ourselves from technology.
Really enjoy the world in person and not on a screen.

Oh it was a wonderful time and not far away.
We really can take vacations close by.

Have you ever vacationed close to home?
Do you prefer to travel far away?

I'll be back to share when we went into town
to visit the historic town of Grapevine.

Till next time~
Enjoy the last days of summer.

Celestina Marie

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Returning Home~

Hi Friends
Hope you all had a great week.
We are back from a wonderful 10 day vacation
celebrating our anniversary
and I am looking forward to visiting and catching up with you soon.

Today I am back in the studio and so happy to be creating again.
I have lots of snaps to sort through and share from my travels.
Here are just a few to start.
Can you guess where we are?

We relaxed by wonderful water scapes. Taking time to enjoy nature.
The gardens in every direction were amazing!

We took in the sound of waterfalls at every turn. Walking along flowing streams that seemed to sing
their own songs.

We dreamed by the pretty Koi ponds. Mesmerized by their beautiful motions in the water.

We enjoyed the many displays of gorgeous flowers on long walks. Each and every space 
of land so beautifully designed.

It was a blessed time and a joy to relax and be thankful.
Another year, another anniversary and another memory maker!


I'm so glad you stopped by today and thank you for visiting while I was gone and your kind comments.
I have missed you all and will be around to visit soon and catch up with everyone.

Have a wonderful day!

Celestina Marie

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Garden of Fairies~

Hi Friends,
I am still enjoying some down time~
and it looks like the fairies in my garden are enjoying some relaxing time too.

This is a little area in my side garden~

Trying to become a place where the fairies live.

They seem to dream and watch the flowers grow.

The little birds are so happy they moved in.

I hope the fairies decide to stay in my garden.

Do you believe in Fairies?

See you soon~

Till then,
wishing you
Southern Day Dreams

Celestina Marie

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Small Glove Box~ Lacey Redesign

If you have followed me for awhile~
you know I love to redesign vintage glove boxes.

This one was a great little find.
A bit smaller then the others I have found in size and shape,
but perfect  to work with.

In good condition and ready for paint right over the vintage vinyl surface.

So I proceeded to paint this one inside and out in my favorite lace color chalk paint by folk art.

Then with bits of vintage  lace,
I covered the surface inside and out.

To the lid, I painted faux leaves in a creamy white
and add another layer of vintage doilies.

Placing the fabric roses, leaves and trims in decorator cake like fashion,
is pure joyful play.
Romance in shades of white~~~

Pearls, silk flowers, and a few rose gems grace the top.

Inside is lined with more lace and trims, silk flowers and edging.

Fabric flowers in shades of whites and creams for a tone on tone style.
Like icing a cake, perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift.

Beautiful to store treasured peals or a few hankies, vintage gloves or love letters.
For the dreamer in us all.

Lastly, lace edging all around and this pretty is complete
and ready to fill the shelf in my Etsy shoppe.

It is amazing what a little paint and lace can do.
Do you have a glove box to cover?
It's so much fun.
Give it a try.
if you have a fabric  glove box, well, you can paint right over that surface too
or let the color show through the lace for a little style change.

Thanks for stopping by
and welcome to new followers.
So nice to meet you.
See you soon.

Speaking of Anniversaries,
I'll be off for a bit, celebrating my 41st wedding anniversary.
See you when I return.

Wishing you Southern DayDreams 

Celestina Marie

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Weekend Garden~

Hi Friends~

It's August in Texas and once again the temps are balancing around 100 or more degrees.

Today I am starting a little vacation and taking some time  to getaway.
Before I go, I'll walk around my garden making sure
all is doing okay and well watered.
The rest  will be left to the sprinkler system and mother nature.

The blooms so lush and gorgeous in Spring, are now a challenge to keep going.
But most blooms are still very pretty and ready to pose for a few pics.

My new trumpet vine is really doing well and making seeds. 
I was reading these seeds can be planted after turning black next year.
 Not sure about this, as this is my first vine.
Any advise would be helpful.

Here is my little sun tip. 
When it gets really hot and the sun is scorching, I move my umbrella around for shade.
The blooms really thank me.
The sound of water in this fountain bubblier is so peaceful.
We have lots of geckos too. This one feels right at home.
The birds have to enjoy a place of their own among the roses.

This green bush is called Texas Bush Rose and it has become giant.
Still no blooms, but I hope it will soon.

WOW it's hot
now it's time to cool off.

I've scheduled a few posts while gone.
Thank you for your visits and comments.
I'll catch up and see you all soon
when I return.

Have a great week my friends.
Celestina Marie

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