Tuesday, July 17, 2012

French Graphic Label Decorating

Hello Blog Friends,
Have you noticed the fun everyone seems to be having decorating with french labels? I just love it and along with creating treasures for my shoppe, I have been doing a bit of designing with labels for my home too.

Carol from The Polka Dot Closet creates Waterslides and a couple months ago I purchased a set from her shoppe. They are just so much fun to work with. If you have not visited Carol, I invited you to do so. She is amazing and very talented with lots of fun decorating ideas to share.

To begin, I found this vintage tray, gave it a painting right on top the metal with no priming. Just wanted to see what the effect would be and the paint distressed and cracked on it's own making an interesting surface. The waterslide was then added to the center to complete the new look.

This next oval tray was done the same way but without the distress on a cottage cream background.

Next I added a waterslide to a redesigned and painted tilt table. I plan to add a design of roses and white hydrangeas to this top, but this is the look so far.

Waterslides also work great on glass like vintage bottles or even some salad dressing bottles like I have used here.

The vintage vanilla graphic bottle has been stuffed with furry trim so you can see the graphic.

Another way I have used graphic labels is to copy on card stock paper, cut and apply with decoupage and seal with Triple Thick. You've heard me talk about Triple Thick before. It is a glaze like sealer that puts a thick layer of shine over the graphic to seal it into the surface. It makes the finish look like it is part of the surface.
Here are a few finished items with this method.

How about decorating the ugly remote control holder?

I have a vintage crock that was my mother's used to make green tomatoes. It now holds two vintage spaghetti sticks that are treasured keepsakes to me. You ask what are spaghetti sticks? Well, these were 36 inch long rolling pins of sorts used to roll homemade pasta dough very thin before cutting into lengths of pasta. My grandmother used these her whole life to make the family homemade pasta noodles. The taste is better then anything you will ever purchase packaged in the store.

Another surface worth noting is a glass vitamin bottle re purposed adding a vintage perfume label. I had a few glass brown bottles, formerly holding my vitamins, added a french label and decorated the lid using bits of crocheted lace formed into roses and buds added to the lid with ribbon lace and a vintage cameo. The lid is removable to hold bath salts or lavender etc.

Before I end, let me share this vintage wood bread box I just completed and coming to my shoppe. The french lettering is hand painted along with my roses.

I did finally complete my living room redesign and here is a peek at the finished room.

Thank you Carol for the Waterslide graphics and thank you to The Graphics Fairy for the great vintage label designs.
See you next time~ Happy Decorating!
Celestina Marie

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