Monday, May 4, 2015

Garden Flower Box

Hi Friends,
Recently we've been working on a new outdoor project
for a flower box on the fence.
My hubby has built a few of these for me over the years
and this one adds a nice accent to our new fence installed last year.

A nice tall  fence  for pool privacy but really needed an area with some detail.
For me, decorating outdoors is just another room for display.
The fence, another wall to decorate.

To start, LJ gathered up a few odd pieces of wood he had on hand.
No pattern needed here, we just took some measurements of the fence between the sections
 and decided on the size of  40" long 8" high and 6" deep.

He built the box area first then added the front shaped like the vintage styles seen on old bungalows.
Drainage holes drilled in the bottom.

To the center, he added an anchor wood brace for support.

All pieces attached together and then screw holes filled on the front with wood putty and sanded.

Next, I painted the box  inside and out with an outdoor house paint in white.

Lastly, I added an iron accent I had in my stash to the front of the box.
I gave it an antiqued finish in vintage sienna and lightly sanded it for an aged look.

Once we hung the box, I placed a trio of birdhouses above to complete this fence area.

We filled the box with potting soil and  planted the Purple Shamrock inside the box 
with Allysum in white to trail over the edge .

The purple can tolerate lots of sun and the green variety needs mostly shade.
This is a perennial too so I am hoping it will grow back next year.
It also makes a pretty light purple pink  bloom.

In a few weeks it will be fuller and the snow white of the Allysum falling over the top.
I'll share some pics later as the plants grow.

              Love the color among the roses.

The birdhouses make the perfect homes for our resident bird friends that gather in our garden.
Hope they feel right at home,

Thank you honey for building this~
I love it and so enjoying our new outdoor project
 from the patio and house,
it's so nice to look at.

Do you love flower boxes too?.
Do you have a spot for one?

Thank you for stopping by.
See you again soon.

Have a wonderful day!
Celestina Marie


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