Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend Garden

With all the rain we've been having,
my garden is so happy and growing wildly.

This weekend finds me trimming, grooming and tending to the blooms.

The cooler days of spring have become the hot days of a Texas summer.
Now the flowers, vines and trees are growing larger and taking on a vintage look.

Come along on a little stroll with me as I walk around the garden.

Mr. Frog sunning on the bike seat.

Taking time to enjoy God's garden blessings.
Do you remember when I planted this potato vine?

It has grown to the top of the trellis and on the way back down
ready to turn and make it's way up the trellis again.

Love the pop of green.

Just around the bend, long stem roses blooming beautifully.

This year Daisies are giving a pretty show.

Pink Cone flowers greet just around a curve in the walk.

Something different from Begonias beginning to trail on the fence. 

Sweet bunny family, are my keepers of the Lavender patch.

Nest among the Rose Moss.

Mixing it up with sun loving blooms.

Little fairies kneeling among the Confetti flowers.

Ah a pink bird stopping to smell the flowers~

Purple beauty
Trumpet vine blooming and bringing sweet hummers.

A small Hydrangea patch bringing  large blooms this season.

More Confetti flowers loving the sunshine.

This sweet angel is a solar light and so pretty when the sun goes down.

Vintage pink Begonias
sit pretty on and under a lit birdbath turned table
filled with shells and topped with glass.

Thank you for taking a walk with me.
Along the way, I picked up a fallen and dried Southern Magnolia leaf.
Perfect surface to paint our beloved flag.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Celestina Marie

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