Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Looking Back at June!~

As we are about to welcome 
June 2016, 
I thought it would be fun to 
revisit a post looking back at 
June 5 years ago.

I certainly have changed the outdoor areas around
my Rose Garden Cottage since then.
As a decorator,
I redecorate often.
Nothing stays the same for too long around here
as our home evolves over time.

Our porch is not one for front porch sitting,
but I still love a pretty welcoming entrance
adding  character and decor.
An entrance that says welcome and come inside makes for huge curb appeal.

Since this photo below, 
we have repainted the door in a Ralph Lauren Farmhouse Red
with NO distress on the door.
Distress like this was the thing then, not so much now.
Next we re-designed the porch floor with
Oklahoma flagstone
added large stone urns from Mexico on each side of the door.

I promise to share the new pics soon.

The rose wreath below has been replaced
with a door urn shared many times over the last few years.

I took down the trailing faux potato vine,
but after seeing this photo,
I might like to add it once again.

This is the side entrance below
behind this third garage door,
 is my studio.
The studio is still there,
 but the front has been redesigned too.
Changes just happen here!

Going around to the back porch,
a lot has changed here too.
From the cushions, to the area rug and accents,
it's all different now.
I painted the vintage shutters white since this time as well.

The furniture and lamps are still going strong.
The faux wicker has sure stood the test of time 
in the hot sunny Texas seasons.

Thanks for stopping by today 
taking a walk down  memory lane 
looking back at a June past.

I'll update the new look and share that next time.
Maybe I'll incorporate some old looks again.
We shall see!!
Come back soon and see the rest of the story~

Enjoy the last day of May 
and Welcome June!!

Have a great new week.

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