Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In Honor of Veterans Day

~Remembering Veterans Day~
In honor of the
many who have
sacrificed for our freedoms,
I have picked my last long stem red
Lincoln roses of the season.
They stand strong and  proud
like the soldiers
that marched into battles
with courage.
Ready to give
nothing but the best.

Detailed and perfect
is their commitments.

Today's young military soldiers
continuing to keep us free.

To the many, like my father who
gave so much in his service to this country.
To the many today that keep us free,
we give our thanks,
our prayers,
our gratitude
your bravery.

God Bless You Greatly
this Veterans Day 
and beyond!
Remember your Green Light for a Vet!

Be Blessed!
Celestina Marie

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