Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kickin Up Dust! Progress Report!

Never let anyone tell you that remodeling does not make the dust fly. It is so my friends. As many times as I have done these projects, it never ceases to amaze me how the dust settles everywhere. I covered everything so well, and still, my house looks like someone emptied a flour sack here. Of course I am cleaning up as we go, but the real cleaning will come shortly when we are finished and the rest of the fun decorating begins.

As the redo continues, yesterday was the granite day, and after 9 hours of the best fabricators in the world doing an incredible job, the granite is in and I love it. What a difference it makes in my kitchen. Today is tile on the back splash and grouting tomorrow. Still more dust, but the look makes it all worth it for sure.

Here are a few more pics of the progress so far.

Removing old counter tops.

Leveling the island, sink, bar, and stove top areas.

How a granite seam is joined and made to look seamless! And, we only have one seam in the whole kitchen.

This is an interesting process using weights, on each side of the seam line, filled with a special glue and tightened with an air compressor for nearly 30 minutes.
The results are amazing.

Our tile selection is a light creamy ivory with light shades of taupe. The grout will be light too. Very neutral to coordinate with the Giallo Venenziano. They look great together. I choose this lighter tile because I like to change my mind with color now and then. Tuscan Kitchens generally are known for amazing and colorful tiled back splashes, but I thought for us I would bring in that touch of color with my accessories instead. The tile will be applied on the angle diamond shape. This gives a sense of space and interest.

I nearly created a tiled mural for the stove top area, but in the end, I went with a wagon full of pots of roses surrounded by a Tuscan style frame. Here again, when I want to change the look, we are not stuck with a tiled mural that is permanent. Framed artwork can easily be changed.

Here is a little peek of the tile(no grout yet) with the granite and those gorgeous old pots filled with water color roses in shades of reds, pinks and greens. I had this print professional framed under non glare (highly recommend) glass for over the stove.

Well that's all for today's progress report. We reached 78 degrees today. Sure is a welcome change since the bitter cold temps a week ago. Look where my Miss B enjoyed the day. Laying in the sun by the pool. What a life! She looks like a lion.

See you again soon. Have a wonderful day.
Celestina Marie

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