Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Santa Paintings

Hi Friends
Hope you're having a good week.
Just one more weekend before Christmas.
Are you ready?

Santa will be here soon
so I took a look back
at several Santa's I hand painted over the years
from studies in the decorative arts.

I painted so many of the jolly guys
and they live in good homes now
but I kept just a few to live with me.

Made from wood and hand cut by me
and my hubby.
I have used a scroll saw for years
and loved the process.

Now I'm too busy so hubby
helps me when he's not traveling on business.

This guy stands about 2 foot tall
and was designed by an artist from the Decorative Painter
then painted by me.

His bag is filled with toys for good boys and girls.

In his hand he holds a sweet little blue bird and bird house.

Another tall guy hand cut from wood.

He's an old world style Santa wearing a long coat with fur trim.

He holds a wreath in one hand and a walking stick in the other.

This last one is painted on a vintage plate
my grandmother had given me years ago.

This sweet Santa wears a pink coat 
and holds dolls and bears
 ready for
some special children.

Many more Santa's were so much fun to paint
and I hope are still bringing some joy to those who own them.

Lastly today
I'll share a little quick gift idea.
Recently I found these large paper mache pots
similar to a flower pot.

They are light weight 
and perfect for a little
Christmas display.

I used lots of goodies from my stash,
basket grass,
 lots of glitter,
 doubled pipe cleaners,
bottle brush trees,
 and more.

I left the pots in the natural paper look.

These were so much fun to create using
just what I had on hand 
in my supply stash.

I also made some using
vintage muffin cups
but those can't be shared 
as they are on their way to good homes.

Have a great weekend!

Merry Christmas
Celestina Marie

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